I’m such a slug…

Posted: December 17, 2005 in Uncategorized
Been on vacation for a week now, and essentially accomplished less than half of what I wanted to by now. Whereas a vacation is SUPPOSED to be a whole lot of doing nothing, I’m doing just a wee bit too much nothing. Saw DM tonight at the Holiday Par-tay, and he’s been enjoying not working very much…and looks genuinely happy. And he’s been traveling, with a cross-county driveabout coming next. I was just a little jealous.
Speaking of the party, most of the gents dressed well enough (or better) to be introduced to a lady’s parents. And the ladies brought their A-game…all were stunning. Everybody seemed to be having fun.
D-Jack is back this week…not that the Seahawk’s offense sorely missed him (sic), but hey…a great weapon is finally taking back the field, and the defense coordinators for other teams are probably scratching their heads trying to come up with ways to stop one of the best offensive teams in the NFL today…even before Jackson was re-activated.
Which got me thinking: Jackson is "D-Jack", Alex Rodriguez is "A-Rod", etc. etc. What would be my nickname if I were a popular sports figure…?
Laugh it up, fuzz-ball…

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