Kinda sore right now

Posted: December 22, 2005 in Uncategorized
Snowboarding at Stevens yesterday, and conditions were brutal. Mostly like boarding on ice. Too many idiots up there without helmets, too…we saw a few casualties being escorted down. My first fall was not intentional, and I hit hard…think I bruised a bone in my ass. Neck muscles are tight, other muscles sore…I’m so out of shape. The new truck was a pleasure to drive up and back, tho.
All Xmas shopping and wrapping DONE! Thanks to my lovely wife who wrapped a couple of presents last night that I bought for people. Tonight is Xmas at my sister’s, should be fun.
Seahawks are almost a lock to beat the Colts on Xmas Eve (yes, I’ll be watching…). Because the Colts lost last week, they have no Dolphin-beating record to go for, so the starters are likely gonna play only the first half (I’m betting most don’t play after the first quarter). The ‘hawks still need one win for home-field advantage for the play-offs, so our starters probably won’t sit until there is a significant lead.

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