Outsourcing sucks

Posted: December 28, 2005 in Uncategorized
In this case, "literally sucks". As in, literally sucking the oxygen out of an air ship traveling at 26K feet. Those outsourced morons who replaced the unionized ground crews ran into the fuselage of a parked MD-80 with one of those massive baggage loaders, and put a dent into the plane…did they leave a note on the windshield for the pilot apologizing for the damage? Did they call their insurance company? Hell, no…they looked around to see if any witnesses saw them do it, and drove off.
That dent caused an explosion, which blew out an 18 inch hole in the plane. In flight. At 26,000 feet.
My sister has been a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for almost two decades, and she has nothing but complaints about the outsourced help that replaced unionized workers…the biggest complaint is that they can’t load-balance the planes, and flights are regularly delayed while baggage gets properly redistributed for weight requirements…that means you sit wedged between two people who are both too large for coach seats, but too cheap to buy a second seat or go first class, and you’re sweating for a couple of additional hours just for a 45 minute SeaTac-Portland flight. The second biggest complaint is that the cabin is always filthy…the outsourced morons don’t properly clean the planes! And you probably thought all that dirt and dust was a result of the air filters needing to be changed.
Of course, Alaska Air has repeatedly finished dead last for "on-time" arrivals and departures for months now. And their QA is repeatedly questioned by the FAA. Oh, how far they have fallen from being rated the best to being rated the worst…and in record time, too.
Outsourced workers have no pride because they aren’t employees, so they have no incentive to do the best job possible. They certainly don’t know how to do the job as well as you.  But they’ll do the job for less money than what you get paid, so your boss is perfectly happy to give you your final paycheck.
Many jobs have been lost due to outsourcing. In this case, lives were almost lost due to outsourcing.

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