Free music! YaY!

Posted: December 29, 2005 in Uncategorized
Sony BMG is giving music away to "make amends" for the rootkit fiasco.
Hey, morons…we can get free music ANYWHERE.
Let’s sum up: Sony/BMG secretly installs different types of spyware on millions of computers for years, which is a deplorable practice and heinous crime in itself. Then the uninstall of said spyware leaves those millions of computers vulnerable to internet attack that cannot be corrected without typing format c: /q, which is arguably an even worse crime because those infected computers are the scourge of the Internet (they get cracked, hijacked, serve as spam zombies, etc).
And all Sony has to do is give us free music to say "sorry"…????
The details are laughable: you can get a free replacement of your "infected" compact disc with a same-title CD that doesn’t have the software that screwed you in the first place…but that "clean" CD will NOT correct the damage they did to your computer. Then, they will give you a cash payment of (hold on to your testicles, this is a laugh-riot…) SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!! But that’s not all! You can also download a low-fi version of any individual album you want! And you have a massive 200 (two hundred) titles to choose from!
And here’s the best part! You still don’t know for sure which Sony albums infected your machine, cuz Sony won’t release a comprehensive list of albums that will install the different spywares! So you have no frickin’ idea how many "free replacements" you are entitled to, and you won’t get the whopping $7 credit, and you won’t get the free low-fi downloads!
</end sarcasm>

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