Sold my trusty Nissan

Posted: January 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
The kid is 20 years old, and he got an extremely well-maintained 16-year-old Nissan Hardbody truck. When he first saw the Cobras mounted on the Outlaws, he couldn’t contain himself: "Those are sweet." All I could say was, "Yes, they are…"
When I was his age, I didn’t have a vehicle nearly as nice, much less with sweet wheels/tires. No, I had a ’72 Vista Cruiser. The only bonus was that I got it for free. That car got me out of Pullman, and there was a seven week period it saved my skin, but is otherwise an embarrassing footnote in car ownership for me. This truck is not an embarrassment for him, and he seemed genuinely excited to get it.
Part of me will miss that truck…it was my first brand-new vehicle, and it served me extremely well. Even as the kid was starting the truck to drive away, I said, "Take care of it". I don’t know why I blurted that out, I guess it’s cuz I never let anybody else drive it until now, and it made me nervous that some kid was behind the wheel. His dad assured me he would take care of it, since dad was paying for most of it. Especially with the extra wheels/tires, it was worth way more than blue-book, but I think I got a decent price, and the kid got a great deal on a reliable, well-maintained, good-looking truck.
I just hope he enjoys it.

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