My voice is hoarse…

Posted: January 15, 2006 in Uncategorized
George took me to the Seahawks vs Redskins game, and all we did was add to the decibel rating all day. Like an idiot, I wore a warm fleece sweater, which just happened to be maroon in color…I didn’t even think about how it was a Redskin color. I kept getting shit from people, many of which did a double-take and they realized it was a DisneyWorld shirt, but it still didn’t matter to them…it was the color of the enemy! So while waiting in line for our first beer just before kick-off, I pulled it and packed it.
It seemed every time the ‘hawks got a rhythm going, some asshole would change the music, and after a long while the ‘skins were the first to put points on the board. Plus, Alexander suffered a concussion in the first quarter and got pulled. In the past, things like this would give the other team a major advantage, and Seahawk "history" would raise its ugly head once again. But like I said in October, this team is different…this year is different. Hasselbeck took control, our defense bent but never broke (again), and now we’re hosting the NFC championship game! Just one win from the Big Dance! YaY!
Next week: the Panthers. They’ve got a smash-mouth defense, just like the Redskins…they handled the Bears in what was my pick of the best game of the weekend. I’m thinking the ‘hawks offense will stutter but still put on an impressive performance, just like they did this week, and hopefully Alexander will have a breakout performance (yes, he’s expected back).
The Steelers had to bring their "A-game" to beat the Colt’s "B-minus game", just as the Steeler’s quarterback Roethlisberger predicted earlier this week. And the Colts definitely brought their "B-game". However, the Steelers weren’t just trying to beat the Colts this week…they were trying the beat the referees! Good gawd, an extremely obvious defensive pass interference was completely ignored by the refs! Then there’s the interception: three knees that hit the ground, the ball never touched the ground, and no loss of control…but it was ruled an incomplete pass because the defender then fumbled after getting back up! I saw at least one other call that the officials totally flubbed, and the game commentators were asking aloud, "What do the refs see that we can’t see?" The nail-biter at the end of the game would never have happened if it weren’t for the refs…the Steelers probably would otherwise have blown the Colts away (sorry Nick, it’s the truth). At least this year Manning didn’t say anything that rhymed with "idiot" after the game when discussing his place kicker.
Now that the year-long Super Bowl favorites are vanquished, the odds-makers are saying Denver will advance beyond the AFC championship and win it all, beating the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. However, just like the refs, the odds-makers ignored the fact that the Steelers had to overcome obscenely bad calls (or no calls) to win the game…if the play-calling is fair, the only real advantage Denver has is the thin air, and that won’t be enough.
The ‘hawks played a smash-mouth defense this week, and will have to do it again next week. I predict they’ll have to do it a third time against the Steelers.
Okay, enough football for now. Let’s take a look at this week’s Letterman Top 10 contest subject, and my submissions to win another stupid mouse pad…
Angelina Jolie’s Top Ten Pet Peeves About Brad Pitt
  • Unlike herself, he only has ONE tattoo…and it says "Jennifer Forever"
  • He always conveniently "forgets" to wear her vial of blood
  • He comes home every Sunday morning beaten to a pulp, says he was at "the club", and refuses to talk about it
  • His constant bragging to friends that he has prettier lips
  • He keeps pressuring her to team up for The Amazing Race: Cambodia!
  • He wants to go back to the "Billy Idol" look
  • He just throws his dirty socks and underwear on the closet floor, right on top of her ammunition
  • He always has to give her "constructive criticism" on how she handles her weapons
  • Every time someone asks why he dumped Jennifer, he jokingly points at her chest and says, "I’ll give you TWO reasons"
  • He’s always stuffing his mouth with food while they’re visiting orphanages
  • Every time she tells him to stop acting like an idiot, he goes into his "12 Monkeys" routine
  • Always brags that any of his characters could kick Harry Potter’s ass

The advertisements warned us that everything would change in the first 15 minutes. They weren’t lying. But the wife and I are hard-pressed to decide which was the biggest surprise of this first 15 minutes of 24 Day 5:

  • President Palmer is shot and killed by a sniper
  • Michelle is killed by a car bomb
  • Tony is in critical condition
  • Chloe got laid

Vote early, vote often…


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