Seahawks XL

Posted: January 22, 2006 in Uncategorized
Hell-ohhhh, DETROIT! What a complete domination of the Panthers! Five out of six writers from Sports Illustrated said the Seahawks would lose! Just goes to show you that the experts can be smoking crack, too. The Panther’s No. 1 threat, Steve Smith, was completely shut down (nobody can argue this), interceptions and overall defense put the ‘hawks into great field position all day (which killed Hasselbeck’s numbers), and during the 3rd quarter Jake Delhomme’s passer rating was a phenomenal ONE POINT SIX!!!! And at the same moment, Hasselbeck’s passer rating was well over 120, so that right there kinda tells the story of this game…
Game balls:
Alexander would be the easy pick for the offense. However, don’t be surprised if the ball is given to Hasselbeck, he was the perfect general out there. Josh Brown missed a field goal, but he made his other attempts and the extra points, plus successfully pulled the fake field goal for a pooch-punt that pinned the Panthers deep, so he’s my pick for special teams. Tatupu got the first interception, which set the tone for the entire defense and the game, so he’s my pick for the defense, but don’t be surprised if the entire defense has to share the ball…the "bend but don’t break" defense never bent at all, and they broke Carolina’s back.
Best play of the game:
Pass completion TO our back-up quarterback, Seneca Wallace! Bad pass, awesome adjustment for the catch! Who knew he would even get to play, much less get a key reception?
Next up: Steelers. I was really hoping for Denver. I hated them more than the Raiders because the Broncos repeatedly played spoiler to keep the ‘hawks out of the play-offs back when we were in the AFC West, and then they would totally tank, three Superbowls in a row…I really wanted the ‘hawks to beat them in the Big Dance. Plus, the Steelers are the only team in the entire play-offs that I believe would actually give the Seahawks a damn-hard game.
And then George calls me from Hawaii! I’m watching the game by myself, and suddenly I felt like I was watching with everyone. What a great surprise call.
Need to get to Costco and stock up on beer…

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