Aggies suck green donkey…

Posted: January 28, 2006 in Uncategorized
Texas A&M is telling the Seahawks to cease and desist referring to "The 12th Man" for home games. The Seahawks actually retired No. 12 six years before the Aggies trademarked the phrase "The 12th Man", and nobody sells merchandise labeled with the phrase because of the trademark, but just saying the phrase, or even just using the number alone, still has those cow-tippers all upset. Hey, unless they government falls asleep and they can trademark just the number, maybe they should shut the hell up and stop looking for brazen opportunities to promote their school.
Apparently the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), the pissed off cousin of the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA), the same MPAA that is doggedly persuing and suing or putting in jail anyone who copies movies and/or trades those copied movies on the ‘net, is being accused of a federal offense: they copied a DVD movie. Of all the stupid people there that could have done it, it turns out it was one of their lawyers! And then one of their VP’s publicly and openly tried to justify making the copy! Oh, the irony. Hopefully, the courts will decide the MPAA is not above their own laws. No word yet which illegal software they have installed on their corporate computers that was used to rip the disc…
Interesting story at Wired concerning the infamous Sony rootkit fiasco…it’s basically accusing the greatest intentional computer infection of all time squarely on the shoulders of security firms, and the company that brought you your operating system, Microsoft. Basically, F-Secure was the only security company that stood up and said what Sony did was wrong, while the rest flip-flopped for a few days before doing a half-assed attempt to secure your system after Sony screwed it up. They basically say that your machine was infected by a legitimate company, not criminals, so they didn’t detect or remove the spyware…and even now some still won’t remove the rootkit itself. Crappy McAfee, for example, will only remove the cloaking code, and also makes sure you understand that doing this will make your system unstable, leading to system crashes. Microsoft is in bed with the entire entertainment industry, pushing MCE and soon Vista, the HD-DVD format, and of course Digital Rights Management (DRM)…but they eventually caved in to public pressure, and updated their security tools for detecting and removing the rootkit. Too bad they don’t have any security tools for downlevel operating systems…if you’re still using Win98, you can’t turn to MS to help you re-secure your system. I suggest you 9x users visit GRC, run Shields UP! and learn how to lock down your machine. Of course, a format is really the only way you’re going to fully repair your system from the Sony rootkit. Current estimates are the number of infected systems on the ‘net has dropped way down to 350,000, but that number is probably conservative, and uninformed people are infecting more and more machines each day as they pop in an infected Sony CD. And I would guess that a third of those infected machines are already serving as Internet Zombies, sending up spam, warez and DoS attacks. Just like the Blaster worm, this is one problem on the Internet that can never be cured…are you sure your machine is secure?

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