I’m so out of shape…

Posted: January 29, 2006 in Uncategorized
Snowboard Sunday, and my legs are fried. Unless you worked at Snolqualmie and stayed overnight at "The Lodge" on Friday, you probably missed the greatest snow of the year on Saturday due to the pass being closed because of an avalanche, but the snow today was still quite excellent. The day actually started at 7AM when I pulled into the gas station in Totem Lake, and noticed a guy filling up his car…he was wearing a medic jersey, I noticed his ski pants and boots, and asked if he was working the mountain today. Once he realized I was talking to him, he said yeah, and I said something about how it’s cool that he’s up there to help people. So he asks where I ski, I answer Stevens but today it’s Snoqualmie, and he asks when I’m going up. "In 15 minutes…I just gotta get gas and hit Starbucks". The guy pulls out his fanny pack and gives me a coupon for a free day’s lift ticket.
Wow, was that nice, or what? Of course, it came with conditions: if I see him, I don’t know him, but we can wave . Second, no boarding out of bounds, no stupid stunts, he doesn’t want to haul my ass off the mountain.
Karl gave me a lesson, and now I’m doing much better turning on toe cuts (both directions). He left to give another guy a lesson, and I ran a couple of more on Central by myself and practiced. However, the day changed on the fifth time up, after lunch: my glove snagged on the chair while disembarking, and within a second it was off my hand and hanging on the rear rail, spinning around and heading back down to the bottom as I watched…dammit. Some guys said they watched it fall off just below, so we went to look for it, but where we needed to go was NOT a blue run, and I suddenly find myself trying to traverse The Spine…every time I thought I was actually getting it (and liking it), I did a fricken butt-check. Karl went to look for my glove on his own, advising that I just do heel-cuts down, but I ended up on a very steep hill, directly above the half-pipe. There were a lot of butt-checks on the way down that one, but I was able to work my way to the right, where the straight jumps are located…thank goodness nobody was there, and no, I did not do the jumps…I went around the side. I actually made it down. At that time, I realized my legs were fried, and now I can barely move.
Yes, Karl found my glove…it took going back up to spot it from the chair, but he found it. He reached bottom just after I did (yes, I board VERY slow)

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