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A pic of the new watch

Posted: February 27, 2006 in Uncategorized
A few people asked, "What does it look like?" Yeah, some people can’t click a link. OK, here it is:

Got the juice!

Posted: February 26, 2006 in Uncategorized
Overclocked my EE proc to 3.6, and no visual anomalies in Doom3…looks like I was right the other day that maybe the PSU was causing it (I always thought it was the proc…). However, my 3DMark05 scores aren’t much better, and it sometimes "loses window focus" during the benchmark, so I need to find a happy medium between videocard overclock and CPU overclock. But it still beats a Prescott 570. Anyway, it looks like I’m getting the most from this machine because of the new PSU. YaY!
Picked up my new Seiko watch today…it’s damn sexy. Gotta go to the jeweler and get the band adjusted to fit my skinny-ass wrist, but otherwise this watch is sweet. And it comes in a case mounted on a silk pillow! Wow, never bought a watch that is sold with a silk pillow before…
Spent the evening cataloging my newer DVDs into a spreadsheet (I’ve been really lax over the last two years). Took hours doing it (watched First Contact, so I kept getting distracted). Including my lazerdiscs, I’m now just a few shy of 300 movies! WoW! No, relax, it’s not an obsession…at least, not until I have over 800, plus more than two editions of at least 50 films…do I need professional help? Nah…not for this, anyway…

Population Overload

Posted: February 25, 2006 in Uncategorized
According to number-crunchers, at about 4:16PM PST today, there will be 6.5 BILLION people living on this rock. I remember as a kid back in 1970 that scientists were worried about hitting the 4 billion mark…how would we feed all those people? Add well over 50% more than that grossly historic milestone in just 35 years and the question becomes…where are all these people gonna pee?
Agent Smith was right…we’re like a virus, a cancer of this planet. As we grow, we must continue to consume exponentially, until all resources have been exhausted.
Mother Nature has tried to fight back, but seems to be losing the battle. Fortunately, mankind likes to kill each other, so hopefully we can be self-correcting to some degree. Of course, self-correction also may mean large areas of Earth will be uninhabitable for a couple of generations, but hey…we want to SOLVE the problem, right?

Truck looks great

Posted: February 23, 2006 in Uncategorized
Couldn’t find any flaws with the repairs on my Taco. Well, the tailgate failed the feather-touch close test, but when using light pressure, it latches fine. Besides, I have no idea if it failed the feather-touch test BEFORE the accident, so who knows. Otherwise it looks like new again. And it looks just a little better than before cuz now there is no badging or decals…it’s totally clean. The only indication of the make/model is the Toyota emblem in the middle of the grill. It’s just so nice to be driving it again. Now I have to get the REAL stereo installed, and I’ll be even more happy…
Bought and watched Old School a couple of days ago. The wife and I expected it to be extraordinarily stupid with tons of toilet humor, but it was surprisingly not like what we thought it would be. Actually a very good comedy. Watched White Noise last night, that was pretty good. Saw the XXX sequel a few days ago…that movie was crap. It was primarily CGI instead of real stunt work, and even with decent camera angles, Ice Cube just isn’t an actor, he acted more mad than mean…and he’s surrounded by other people who aren’t actors. The Goat was more bling than muscle car. Plus, XXX was no longer a character, but instead is now an organization, which was really stupid. I had to watch the original XXX the next day just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
My main machine is as stable as a rock with that new PSU. I’m now thinking perhaps the visual anomalies I saw in the Doom3 timedemo at higher clock speeds were due to the dying Enermax…so I’m gonna overclock my EE to 3.6G again, and see if there is some more juice in this baby.
The PSU in my main rig, an Enermax 465, blew up last week. I was hoping it was just needing a fuse replacement, but opening it up showed exploded caps…"snow" was everywhere. Dammit, that was an expensive PSU. But this explains why my machine was occasionally locking up for no reason during the last eight weeks of its life…the PSU was slowly dying before it completely blew chunks. Just goes to show you that even expensive, highly-regarded PSUs can also die. So I ordered a Fortron AX450-PN from Newegg for just $57 (the next best choice would have cost me over $100). It arrived yesterday! Before mounting it in my case, I plugged it in to make sure everything would power up, and I had to put my ear right up against it to hear the fan! My Zalman 7000 HSF is easily louder from six inches away! Damn, this PSU is quiet. Plus, it’s forward-compatible with a 20+4 pin mobo connector, 6-pin PCI-E connector, and SATA…so I can still use it when I upgrade my mobo, videocard and hard drive (which won’t happen for at least two years, but still…). The only two bummers are that I’ve used up all the molex connectors (no more adding devices unless it’s SATA), and there’s only one 4-pin floppy connector…so my floppy drive has no power, cuz the connector is powering my Audigy2 Platinum breakout panel. Oh well, didn’t use my floppy much at all anyway…
Six months ago I played tech support for my neighbor. Her lappy got severely compromised by spyware, and it took several hours to clean it up. As a thank you, she gave me a $100 gift certificate to Amazon (damn friends and family members don’t give me squat!). The GC just sat there, I didn’t really need anything, and I was waiting on a good deal to come along to use it. So yesterday I’m at The Bon (I hate calling them "Macy’s") and saw a Seiko SND077 watch on clearance for $124. Then I found the same watch at Amazon for just $99. I liked it, but it wasn’t the exact watch I wanted, so I looked around and found a really nice Seiko Arctura Kinetic watch…it was cheaper than anywhere else at $209 shipped, so I splurged and threw in the other $109 (less than what I would have spent at The Bon for a watch I didn’t fall in love with). The exact same watch with a blue face would have cost $80 more! Bling…
My Taco has been in the shop for almost two weeks now. The wife and I have been commuting together for work with her car, and it’s worked out OK…but I often had to leave work sooner than I normally would to pick her up. Just four more days until I get my twuck back!! YaY!
The wife’s RAV4 is like new again. I detailed it for her last weekend as a Valentine’s Day gift. It was a mess…I spent almost five hours on Saturday and another two hours on Sunday, and I’m STILL not completely finished with it. But it hasn’t been this clean since we drove it off the lot over five years ago. She’s happy.
It’s almost Noon PST, and well over 50,000 additional people filled in the poll at ESPN. Wow, more than half as many again have voted since last night. As I correctly predicted for question 3 ("did officiating unfairly favor one team"), the percentage dropped down to EXACTLY 78.6%. Good morning Pittsburgh sleepy-heads! I know your heads probably still hurt, you’re just waking up to the realization that the rest of the world wants a great big asterisk placed next to the victory column in the Super Bowl record books, and you can barely read the text in the poll so that you can select the "proper" answers, but I know of the perfect remedy…START DRINKING AGAIN. And remember, voting multiple time in the ESPN poll is not only unfair, it will only barely make a damn bit of difference in the overall percentages.
Oh, one more thing…you may be basking in the glow of a Super Bowl championship, BUT YOU STILL LIVE IN PITTSBURGH. Neener-neener…

Zebras WIN Super Bowl XL!

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As of 7PM PST, just under 100,000 people filled in an ESPN poll about the officiating at this year’s Super Bowl today…an amazing number of people, yes, but equally amazing answers, and just a quick warning: it’s unlikely 90% who filled out the poll were from Seattle. Let’s look at a few of the poll questions and your answers, shall we…?
1) What grade would you give referee Bill Leavy’s officiating crew for Super Bowl XL?
49.4% F
24.9% D
14.5% C
9.2% B
2.0% A

So, it appears 75% of you thought the zebras were smoking crack during timeouts, and 15% of you think they spent too much time scoping out babes in the stands.

3) Did the officiating in Sunday’s game unfairly favor one team?
78.8% Unfairly favored the Steelers
16.5% The right calls were made
4.7% Unfairly favored the Seahawks

This indicates that only a few people in Pittsburgh don’t drink…once they sleep off their hangovers and surf to this poll, that 78.8% should drop to 78.6%.

5) Do you think the official made the right call on Darrell Jackson’s offensive pass interference in the endzone, negating a Seattle touchdown in the first quarter?
73.4% No
20.8% Yes
5.8% I’m not sure

Hall-of-famer Steve Young went so far as to call it a touchdown during half-time, and fellow hall-of-famer John Madden also questioned the definition Leavy’s crew used for a "push-off". In other words, most of you hadn’t consumed too much beer to affect your vision before this play occured.

6) Do you think the football broke the plane of the goal line on Ben Roethlisberger’s touchdown run in the second quarter?
58.5% No
26.8% Yes
14.6% I’m not sure

OK, obviously some people slammed two beers after D-Jack’s touchdown was denied, and it affected your neural pathways. It was so funny to see the official slap his thigh to indicate no touchdown, then replay shows Big Ben look him straight in the eye, pull the ball out from under his chest and move it over the goal line after the play was whistled dead…and the official suddenly switch from slapping his thigh to indicating a touchdown.

7) Do you think the official made the right call on Sean Locklear’s holding penalty in the fourth quarter, negating an 18-yard reception to the one-yard line by Jerramy Stevens?
74.1% No
15.4% Yes
10.4% I’m not sure

Most of you agreed with hall-of-famer John Madden that replays showed Locklear did not commit a penalty. 10% of you obviously think he’s a silly old man trying to relive his NFL glory days.

But hey, you’re just a bunch of beer-swilling armchair quarterbacks…let’s look at what some sportswriters had to say about the officiating. Some of them are very generous and kind in the way they applauded the officiating job done yesterday…

The first-quarter offensive pass interference called on Darrell Jackson that turned a touchdown into a field goal was robbery enough. But the fourth-quarter holding call on Sean Locklear made you wonder whether the refs had even less of Aretha’s r-e-s-p-E-c-t for your Seahawks than I do. Skip Bayless, espn

Here’s what referee Bill Leavy’s crew did, point blank: It robbed Seattle. Michael Smith, espn

The officials capped a miserable postseason with another disaster. Andrew Perloff, Sports Illustrated

The Steelers were bitten by the bad officiating bug themselves in the win over Indianapolis, but the Seahawks were chewed up and spit out. Bob George,

Congratulations to them and nice try to the Seahawks who couldnt beat the Steelers and the officials on the same day. Gary Miller,

Bill Leavy, former cop and firefighter, must have done a better job directing traffic and putting out whatever gameday fires were started by overzealous moms and dads during his days refereeing games in the San Jose PAL Ian O’Conner, USA Today

Bill Leavy and his crew ruined Super Bowl XL. Am I the only one who would like to hear them defend their incompetence? Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star

I could go on and on and on…but enough of what they say, it doesn’t really matter unless it comes from our very own coach, Mike Holmgren:

"We knew it was going to be tough playing against the Steelers. But I didn’t know we were going to have to take on the guys in the striped shirts, too." Seattle Times

OK, so that little statement will likely get Coach fined, probably in the area of about $30,000. Mr. Allen will likely pay that fine for him, and do it with a bitter smile on his face, but I suggest the fans start a fund raiser for the Coach (just in case the NFL does decide to fine him). We could call the fund raiser, "Pennies for Mike"