No respect at all…

Posted: February 2, 2006 in Uncategorized
Two weeks ago, five out of six Sports Illustrated writers picked the Panthers to beat the ‘hawks. This week, all six picked the Steelers to win. What the hell do they know? Here are some quotes…
"Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t do anything but win." Don Banks
Hey Don, how do you think the ‘hawks beat the Redskins after we lost Alexander for the rest of the game before he could gain even 10 yards? Oh yeah, that’s right…for 13 games straight, Hasselbeck didn’t do anything but win.
"They should be able to handle the Seahawks in a neutral stadium." Jeffri Chadiha
I don’t know which news organization Jeffri consults, but everything I’ve heard is that Detroit is painted in Black & Gold. The fans won’t be 50-50 in that "neutral" stadium.
"Against any other opponent, the Seahawks — one of the NFL’s most well-rounded teams — would win their first Super Bowl" Nunyo Demasio
Really, and for true? You can’t be serious, dude. Everybody expected the Colts to be there, and if they were, you would have picked them to win, too.
The Mouse That Roared
Joey Porter is still shooting his mouth off today, and vowed that the Steelers would "tap out as many people as we can", which is slang for making ‘hawks players want to pull themselves out of the game and quit. Hey Joey, maybe Coach Holmgren will have Alexander run to his right once or twice and give you something to do for the day.

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