Beware wind and thieves

Posted: February 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
Wind storm started last night, and really kicked into gear this morning…and the power went out for almost two hours.  We saw a huge chunk of a tree that snapped off our neighbor’s, and landed in another tree…at a 40 yard distance.  It’s relatively calm right now (in comparison), but occassional gusts, and the weather service sez the storm will continue throughout the day, tho’ the winds should die down by dusk.  But if we don’t have power tomorrow I’m going to shit a brick.  Just in case, I’m gonna be ready to drag my Windows MCE machine to my work office and watch/record the Super Bowl there if I have to.
Someone at work told me yesterday about a female friend who found somebody on Craig’s List selling nine SBXL tickets. The tix were being offered at 1K a piece, and when contacted, the seller (also female) said she couldn’t charge more than that for them because she got them from her relative, who supposedly is some big shot in the NFL, and she doesn’t want to deal with a Mike Tice scenario (first clue: at a thousand, it’s scalping).  So this chick jumps a last-minute morning flight to LA with the cash, and goes to a pre-arranged meeting at some Starbucks…and the seller doesn’t show up.  Then the seller calls her, apologizes, she got tied up with something, blah, blah, blah and they agree on a new place to meet for lunch and do the exchange.  The seller asks to see the money, and the chick says OK, so let’s see the tickets.  The seller sez they’re in the car, which was parked about 20 yards away, she didn’t feel comfortable carrying them around, wants to see the cash before she will trust her, etc.  The chick pulls out three grand, and sez she has the rest as well with her.  The seller convinces her to hand over the three grand, with the agreement that she’ll get the tickets from the car and then collect the rest of the cash.  She gets the cash, goes to the car, climbs in, locks the doors, and the chick watches her drive away.  Then the seller calls her a little later, apologizes, sez she got a bad vibe from this chick and panicked, blah, blah, blah, wants to arrange another meeting but not sure exactly when…but by this time the chick found out the "tickets" were already re-posted at Craig’s List, she called the FBI, etc.  Lousy day…
OK, so another stab at winning a mouse pad from the Late Show Top 10 Contest…this week’s topic and my submissions:
Top Ten Surprises in Paris Hilton’s Stolen Diaries
  • The best part about her former engagement with Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis: screaming her own name during sex
  • Her famous clothing designs are actually done by overseas contractors
  • She signed each diary entry with a copyright date
  • When she watched Jessica Simpson ask if it was chicken or tuna, Paris thought she was having a deja vu
  • The entire series of The Simple Life? Stunt doubles.
  • While making love to her boyfriend, she fantasizes about K-Fed
  • Tinkerbell is trained to sniff for explosives
  • While traveling, she occasionally likes "roughing it" at the Holiday Inn
  • After watching her infamous Internet video, she vowed never to work with that director again
  • Every Sunday entry is another exciting story that begins with her kicking open the car door at dawn
  • She has frequent panic attacks because she keeps forgetting her hair color

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