New PSU, new watch, here comes my Taco…

Posted: February 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
The PSU in my main rig, an Enermax 465, blew up last week. I was hoping it was just needing a fuse replacement, but opening it up showed exploded caps…"snow" was everywhere. Dammit, that was an expensive PSU. But this explains why my machine was occasionally locking up for no reason during the last eight weeks of its life…the PSU was slowly dying before it completely blew chunks. Just goes to show you that even expensive, highly-regarded PSUs can also die. So I ordered a Fortron AX450-PN from Newegg for just $57 (the next best choice would have cost me over $100). It arrived yesterday! Before mounting it in my case, I plugged it in to make sure everything would power up, and I had to put my ear right up against it to hear the fan! My Zalman 7000 HSF is easily louder from six inches away! Damn, this PSU is quiet. Plus, it’s forward-compatible with a 20+4 pin mobo connector, 6-pin PCI-E connector, and SATA…so I can still use it when I upgrade my mobo, videocard and hard drive (which won’t happen for at least two years, but still…). The only two bummers are that I’ve used up all the molex connectors (no more adding devices unless it’s SATA), and there’s only one 4-pin floppy connector…so my floppy drive has no power, cuz the connector is powering my Audigy2 Platinum breakout panel. Oh well, didn’t use my floppy much at all anyway…
Six months ago I played tech support for my neighbor. Her lappy got severely compromised by spyware, and it took several hours to clean it up. As a thank you, she gave me a $100 gift certificate to Amazon (damn friends and family members don’t give me squat!). The GC just sat there, I didn’t really need anything, and I was waiting on a good deal to come along to use it. So yesterday I’m at The Bon (I hate calling them "Macy’s") and saw a Seiko SND077 watch on clearance for $124. Then I found the same watch at Amazon for just $99. I liked it, but it wasn’t the exact watch I wanted, so I looked around and found a really nice Seiko Arctura Kinetic watch…it was cheaper than anywhere else at $209 shipped, so I splurged and threw in the other $109 (less than what I would have spent at The Bon for a watch I didn’t fall in love with). The exact same watch with a blue face would have cost $80 more! Bling…
My Taco has been in the shop for almost two weeks now. The wife and I have been commuting together for work with her car, and it’s worked out OK…but I often had to leave work sooner than I normally would to pick her up. Just four more days until I get my twuck back!! YaY!
The wife’s RAV4 is like new again. I detailed it for her last weekend as a Valentine’s Day gift. It was a mess…I spent almost five hours on Saturday and another two hours on Sunday, and I’m STILL not completely finished with it. But it hasn’t been this clean since we drove it off the lot over five years ago. She’s happy.

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