Truck looks great

Posted: February 23, 2006 in Uncategorized
Couldn’t find any flaws with the repairs on my Taco. Well, the tailgate failed the feather-touch close test, but when using light pressure, it latches fine. Besides, I have no idea if it failed the feather-touch test BEFORE the accident, so who knows. Otherwise it looks like new again. And it looks just a little better than before cuz now there is no badging or decals…it’s totally clean. The only indication of the make/model is the Toyota emblem in the middle of the grill. It’s just so nice to be driving it again. Now I have to get the REAL stereo installed, and I’ll be even more happy…
Bought and watched Old School a couple of days ago. The wife and I expected it to be extraordinarily stupid with tons of toilet humor, but it was surprisingly not like what we thought it would be. Actually a very good comedy. Watched White Noise last night, that was pretty good. Saw the XXX sequel a few days ago…that movie was crap. It was primarily CGI instead of real stunt work, and even with decent camera angles, Ice Cube just isn’t an actor, he acted more mad than mean…and he’s surrounded by other people who aren’t actors. The Goat was more bling than muscle car. Plus, XXX was no longer a character, but instead is now an organization, which was really stupid. I had to watch the original XXX the next day just to get the bad taste out of my mouth.
My main machine is as stable as a rock with that new PSU. I’m now thinking perhaps the visual anomalies I saw in the Doom3 timedemo at higher clock speeds were due to the dying Enermax…so I’m gonna overclock my EE to 3.6G again, and see if there is some more juice in this baby.

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