Population Overload

Posted: February 25, 2006 in Uncategorized
According to number-crunchers, at about 4:16PM PST today, there will be 6.5 BILLION people living on this rock. I remember as a kid back in 1970 that scientists were worried about hitting the 4 billion mark…how would we feed all those people? Add well over 50% more than that grossly historic milestone in just 35 years and the question becomes…where are all these people gonna pee?
Agent Smith was right…we’re like a virus, a cancer of this planet. As we grow, we must continue to consume exponentially, until all resources have been exhausted.
Mother Nature has tried to fight back, but seems to be losing the battle. Fortunately, mankind likes to kill each other, so hopefully we can be self-correcting to some degree. Of course, self-correction also may mean large areas of Earth will be uninhabitable for a couple of generations, but hey…we want to SOLVE the problem, right?

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