Got the juice!

Posted: February 26, 2006 in Uncategorized
Overclocked my EE proc to 3.6, and no visual anomalies in Doom3…looks like I was right the other day that maybe the PSU was causing it (I always thought it was the proc…). However, my 3DMark05 scores aren’t much better, and it sometimes "loses window focus" during the benchmark, so I need to find a happy medium between videocard overclock and CPU overclock. But it still beats a Prescott 570. Anyway, it looks like I’m getting the most from this machine because of the new PSU. YaY!
Picked up my new Seiko watch today…it’s damn sexy. Gotta go to the jeweler and get the band adjusted to fit my skinny-ass wrist, but otherwise this watch is sweet. And it comes in a case mounted on a silk pillow! Wow, never bought a watch that is sold with a silk pillow before…
Spent the evening cataloging my newer DVDs into a spreadsheet (I’ve been really lax over the last two years). Took hours doing it (watched First Contact, so I kept getting distracted). Including my lazerdiscs, I’m now just a few shy of 300 movies! WoW! No, relax, it’s not an obsession…at least, not until I have over 800, plus more than two editions of at least 50 films…do I need professional help? Nah…not for this, anyway…

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