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New Taco sound system!

Posted: March 19, 2006 in Uncategorized
Well, actually my old sound system in a new truck. Went to Magnolia and had them drop my MB Quart RSB160 speakers into the rear doors, install my Alpine 4x30RMS amp under the seat, and got a dashboard kit to house my Alpine 9830 MP3 deck. Of couse, I needed new speakers for the front doors, so I went with the Boston SL60. Sounds pretty good…definitely superior to the stock sound system. While they had the truck, they also installed a Clifford Concept 450 alarm system.

Some dreams DO come true

Posted: March 13, 2006 in Uncategorized

Ever walk into your kitchen, turn on the faucet, and wish that beer flowed out of it? Well, it happened to this woman in Norway.

No word yet how many partiers could fit inside her kitchen at one time…

MSNBC has an online vote on whether you would report it if beer flowed from your spigot. 35% said "that depends – yes, if the beer tasted funny and was flat; no if it was good." 32% said "[b]NO![/b] Free beer, free beer, free beer!"

33% said yes, because they wouldn’t trust beer that arrives unbidden. These are probably the same beer lovers who wouldn’t trust a beautiful woman that just plopped herself down in their laps, or would trust referees at a Steelers game. And just what the hell does msnbc think they’re doing by using a word like "unbidden"…???? Have any of you EVER used that word in common dialog? Heck, I wish I could see a show of hands the number of people who would even have known what that word means…


In other news…

South Park became famous primarily because of the gratuitous and constant mocking of Jews, Christians, blacks, Mormons, Muslims, fat people, gays…jeez, nothing is off-limits for this show. Well, maybe not…the voice of Chef, Isaac Hayes, quit the show today because, "…there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins. Religious beliefs are sacred to people, and at all times should be respected and honored. As a civil rights activist of the past 40 years, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices." 


Yes, this is the same Isaac Hayes who has been a primary character on this "disrespectful" show for nine years, and very happily cashing his weekly paychecks while staying perfectly silent and suffering from within for 25% of the time he has referred to himself as a so-called "civil rights activist". Could this sudden re-awakening of his personal belief system have any coincidence with the episode last year that mocked his own religion, Scientology? Nah…it’s just probably something that’s been building for A DECADE, and he finally got the balls to speak up.


Barry Bonds’ fat head

Posted: March 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
He’s a ‘roid child. C’mon, we all knew it. He had to throw away every hat he purchased before 1998 because they wouldn’t fit anymore. Now there’s a book detailing his regimen of doping. Of course, they’re reporters, not close pals, so they could be lying…but that doesn’t explain why a St. Bernard’s collar became too small for him after the age of 35. And please, when he sez things like "They’re just letting him do it because he’s a white boy" (referring to Mark McGwire cheating with ‘roids), why doesn’t anybody in the media call out his comments as racist instead of "racially charged"? Oh yeah, that’s right…cuz he’d never give them interviews ever again.
So I’ll do it. He’s a cheating racist.
Well, looks like I won’t be getting an interview with him now. Maybe he’ll forget I said it after Spring training, when the roid rage dissipates, and he’ll welcome me to his locker in the "off limits" corner after a big game lost. He might even let me sit in his Barcalounger, and fetch me a $12 king beer.
Then suddenly Raffy Palmeiro will remind him I once said something about him cheating, and he’ll sit on me until I turn purple. That’ll leave a permanent impression on the Barcalounger…

Cool relief…

Posted: March 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
Turns out that our fridge has a dooh-whacky thingamajig that acts like a fuse in order to save the compressor…and the thingamajig tripped, which is why the fridge stopped keeping my beer cold. So the compressor (a $500 part) was saved by the thingamajig (a $75 part) and our fridge is working again! And for just a little over $200 total repair bill, too. Thanks to the wife for staying home waiting for the repair man this morning (luv ya, hon).
The aftermath of the Academy Awards is mixed. A couple of reviewers totally trashed the job that Jon Stewart did as the host, while Ebert and Roeper gave him two thumbs up a piece…even going so far as to comparing him to Carson (high praise, indeed). I thought Stewart was pretty good. And some bonehead at the Washington Post got Ebert’s first name wrong (Robert instead of Roger), and after googling Robert Ebert, it appears a bunch of other news sites simply ripped off the text so that he’s referred to as Robert everywhere. Whatever happened to verification and correction in journalism? How about just remembering his actual name, it’s not like he isn’t famous or anything…
Another reviewer at ridiculed the Academy for not picking Brokeback Mountain as best picture, and he even previously said before the awards that they should select ANY movie except for Crash. I thought Crash was a great film. One of our best friends went and saw Brokeback Mountain, and said it was dreadful and boring as hell (this a the kind of person who refuses to watch movies Keanu Reeves is in because, well, because Keanu Reeves can’t act…me, I’ve seen The Matrix at least 40 times now, and I liked Speed, Bill & Ted, Parenthood, etc). Oh well, you can’t please everybody. I have no interest in seeing Brokeback Mountain, so I won’t be able to give a fair judgment anyway.

Crash won!

Posted: March 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
It’s being called "an upset", but it’s not. That gay cowboy film generated a lot of buzz, but any movie that thoroughly pisses off my wife has to be a major contender. We actually shouted when Crash was announced. And kudos to Jack, who actually used the word "best"…what the hell is it with the awards this year where no category has "best"…? I can completely understand that the award may not go to whom I thought was the best (anybody remember how Star Wars won only one out of eleven nominations, and the one category it won had no competition?), but c’mon…those people who won deserve to have the word "best" announced before they win, and then have it inscribed on that statue. Jeezus, even the Academy is getting too politically correct…
And I didn’t think Stewart did too bad of a job. Not great, but not too bad. Definitately not Letterman (who was quite funny with Martin’s kids), but he didn’t pull an Uma/Oprah thing.

Damn fridge died

Posted: March 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
Came down this morning to find a puddle of water in the kitchen. Most of the ice in the freezer had melted, and everything was thawed out. Repair guy can’t get here until Tuesday, and it appears the compressor is fubar. We called Jake (she found her proof of purchase date) and we are about three months past the warranty expiration. Ain’t that just the shits? So it will cost at least several hundred dollars for the repair, and if it can’t be repaired, we’re looking at a grand to replace it. Dammit.
Had a depressing day yesterday, pissed off a lot of people, so I couldn’t sleep last night. Decided to get caught up on all the saved Battlestar Galactica episodes on my MCE, but now I’m tired as hell this morning.
Saw Orgazmo a few days ago. Rather funny movie.  Trey Parker plays a Mormon that gets himself into starring in porn fims. I had no idea it was rated NC-17, and never would have thought it could be while I was watching it. It had several famous porn stars, but no sex or nudity…well, it did have more close-up shots of a man’s hairy bare ass than your average Mel Gibson flick, but it was always for comedic effect. The DVD is loaded down with extras, one of which was a Q&A with Trey at the movie’s premier, and he said he thinks it got an NC-17 because of the prejudice religious right arm of the group that rates films. But this doesn’t really make sense…the primary story line in the South Park movie depicted a Sunni Muslim having a homosexual relationship with a primary Christian character, and that movie only got an R-rating.
Saw Kung-Fu Hustle…if you like comedy with your martial arts, this is a great film. Some really good action shots, great fight sequences, and it actually had a good story line.
Watched The Sum of Us last night. The wife picked it up at the library just because it had Russell Crowe in it, she didn’t read the case to find out the plot. I still need to purge the image out of my head of the Gladiator trying to get into some guy’s pants. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie.