Damn fridge died

Posted: March 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
Came down this morning to find a puddle of water in the kitchen. Most of the ice in the freezer had melted, and everything was thawed out. Repair guy can’t get here until Tuesday, and it appears the compressor is fubar. We called Jake (she found her proof of purchase date) and we are about three months past the warranty expiration. Ain’t that just the shits? So it will cost at least several hundred dollars for the repair, and if it can’t be repaired, we’re looking at a grand to replace it. Dammit.
Had a depressing day yesterday, pissed off a lot of people, so I couldn’t sleep last night. Decided to get caught up on all the saved Battlestar Galactica episodes on my MCE, but now I’m tired as hell this morning.
Saw Orgazmo a few days ago. Rather funny movie.  Trey Parker plays a Mormon that gets himself into starring in porn fims. I had no idea it was rated NC-17, and never would have thought it could be while I was watching it. It had several famous porn stars, but no sex or nudity…well, it did have more close-up shots of a man’s hairy bare ass than your average Mel Gibson flick, but it was always for comedic effect. The DVD is loaded down with extras, one of which was a Q&A with Trey at the movie’s premier, and he said he thinks it got an NC-17 because of the prejudice religious right arm of the group that rates films. But this doesn’t really make sense…the primary story line in the South Park movie depicted a Sunni Muslim having a homosexual relationship with a primary Christian character, and that movie only got an R-rating.
Saw Kung-Fu Hustle…if you like comedy with your martial arts, this is a great film. Some really good action shots, great fight sequences, and it actually had a good story line.
Watched The Sum of Us last night. The wife picked it up at the library just because it had Russell Crowe in it, she didn’t read the case to find out the plot. I still need to purge the image out of my head of the Gladiator trying to get into some guy’s pants. Otherwise, it was a pretty good movie.

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