Cool relief…

Posted: March 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
Turns out that our fridge has a dooh-whacky thingamajig that acts like a fuse in order to save the compressor…and the thingamajig tripped, which is why the fridge stopped keeping my beer cold. So the compressor (a $500 part) was saved by the thingamajig (a $75 part) and our fridge is working again! And for just a little over $200 total repair bill, too. Thanks to the wife for staying home waiting for the repair man this morning (luv ya, hon).
The aftermath of the Academy Awards is mixed. A couple of reviewers totally trashed the job that Jon Stewart did as the host, while Ebert and Roeper gave him two thumbs up a piece…even going so far as to comparing him to Carson (high praise, indeed). I thought Stewart was pretty good. And some bonehead at the Washington Post got Ebert’s first name wrong (Robert instead of Roger), and after googling Robert Ebert, it appears a bunch of other news sites simply ripped off the text so that he’s referred to as Robert everywhere. Whatever happened to verification and correction in journalism? How about just remembering his actual name, it’s not like he isn’t famous or anything…
Another reviewer at ridiculed the Academy for not picking Brokeback Mountain as best picture, and he even previously said before the awards that they should select ANY movie except for Crash. I thought Crash was a great film. One of our best friends went and saw Brokeback Mountain, and said it was dreadful and boring as hell (this a the kind of person who refuses to watch movies Keanu Reeves is in because, well, because Keanu Reeves can’t act…me, I’ve seen The Matrix at least 40 times now, and I liked Speed, Bill & Ted, Parenthood, etc). Oh well, you can’t please everybody. I have no interest in seeing Brokeback Mountain, so I won’t be able to give a fair judgment anyway.

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