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Posted: April 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
2006 schedule is here. For the first time in many years, one of the Super Bowl teams from the previous season will NOT be on national TV opening week (first the zebras, now the networks…can the ‘hawks get more disrepected than this?). Naturally, we have two games each against division rivals, plus a plethora of other teams to round out the other ten games. My take? As if anyone cares…
Arizona: They made a little noise in the off-season as far as free agency acquisitions, but last year was much noisier…and they still sat in the basement. I don’t expect them to improve their win/loss columns much this year, we’ll probably get both wins.
San Fran: ‘hawks picked up one of the few good defensive players the ‘niners had during free agency (Julian Peterson). In short, they’re going backwards, and this season will likely be a repeat of last year. Should do both wins, without one being a scary, last-minute close game.
St. Louis: Always a tough opponent, but we should take at least one game this season.
Home games against non-division opponents:
Green Bay: Currently being held hostage by Favre. If he stays, and his team is healthy, we’ve got a problem…but not an insurmountable one.
Minnesota: They lost their star receiver, then their coach, and now they’ve lost their star quarterback. "Rebuilding" is an understatement…Hutch can’t be THAT big of a difference maker this year.
Oakland: The former Viking star receiver hasn’t had much success with the Men in Silver & Black. And when the hell are they gonna pick and stick with a decent quarterback, and stop switching out coaches like Garanimals underwear? There’s patience, and then there’s desperation…
San Diego: They let Drew Brees walk…dopes. Their "rookie" quarterback from the Manning fiasco isn’t gonna cut it right away…which seques us to…
New York: Eli is starting to really shine. This could be his breakout year, and he has good weapons. This will probably be our toughest game of the regular season.
Away games against non-division opponents:
Chicago: They had a good year last season, they should be better this year. But it won’t be freezing cold when we play them.
Detroit: They’ve been in a rebuilding phase for a couple of decades now…
Denver: Regardless that Elway is long gone, I still hate them. They’ve got a powerful backfield. This one will be a cold game, plus thin air…I doubt we’ll win this one.
Kansas City: Haven’t been following them much, can’t really say one way or the other.
Tampa Bay: Haven’t been following these guys much either, but Chucky has a habit of figuring out ways to win.
First two games are against Detroit and Arizona, but Arizona is a home game, so no blistering heat to deal with…both games should be winners. Second two games are NY and Chicago, I think we’ll get one of these. We have an early BYE week this year (week 5), and last year was the first time that we won after a BYE…and our first opponent will be St. Louis, so I think we’ll lose this one. Following the Rams is Minnesota, KS and Oakland, we should win at least two of these. Then the Rams come to Seattle for some payback. Then there’s SF and Green Bay…if Favre is gone or his team sucks, we should take both. Then it’s off to Mile-High, where we will probably lose, followed by Arizona and SF, which we should win. We’ll win against San Diego if we need to secure home-field advantage, otherwise we’ll give the second-stringers a shot, and Tampa Bay will be a meaningless game that we’ll just give ’em unless it’s the game that means home-field.
Projected win/loss for the Hawks: 11/5. I don’t really see us securing home field this year, but we should win our division.
Saw the movie Alexander a few nights ago…I really wish I had those hours of my life back.
Watched 21 Grams again…forgot that I had seen it before and I checked it out again, but once I realized I’d seen it, I watched it again anyway. Damn good film.
Finalized our deck design for the back yard! Construction starts in about two weeks, we should have it finished before June, and then it’s party-party-party! I just gotta remember to do before-during-after pictures, this is gonna look tres cool!

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