24 is officially over a week!

Posted: April 10, 2006 in Uncategorized
If you don’t like working week-ends, you could say the second week of 24 is guaranteed with Day 6. And it appears that Kiefer signed the standard rich-n-famous contract to not only do Days 6, 7 and 8, but he will also be promoted to Executive Producer, and get his own multimedia company going. Kinda makes ya wonder if Julia Roberts is kicking herself for doing that runaway bride thing…
Do I have another hustler? It’s just a pedestal bar table I’m trying to sell, and I only want $20 for it, so probably not. Some lamer who was granted access by a blue to our private classifieds website wants to buy it, but he sez he doesn’t have a vehicle and wants my home address so he could come get it when he can find transportation. It’s starting out just like the hustler who wanted to lowball me on my old truck (you might recall from my old blogs that hustler’s bicycle was actually a 5-Series). Naturally, I’m not handing out my address, so I simply replied that when he finds a vehicle he can pick it up at Redwest. So he then sez he’s not familiar with the area (again, just like the truck hustler…who somehow knew there was a 7-11 on the corner of 51st and 148th). He also claims to live in downtown Bellevue (how can he afford to live there, and not be able to afford a car? Plus, the truck hustler claimed to live in downtown Kirkland and also claimed not to have a car). Then he asks, "how can you help me?" Obviously, he was hinting that I should take the table to him…if he has access to our website, he’d better know the rules and know the territory. I must have re-written my reply three times before I settled for, "I can’t help you. Perhaps you could ask the person who granted you privileges to access our private classifieds website." Haven’t heard back from him since…

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