What’s in a name?

Posted: April 10, 2006 in Uncategorized
Gwyneth. Apple. And today, Moses…all in one nuclear family. But if we have a son, my wife refuses to let me name him Deckard. I mean, c’mon, Deckard is a pretty cool name, right? My wife’s sister and our BIL both like it. And there’s some significance to the name: Deckard had a job to "retire" technology gone bad, never liked "skin jobs", but ended up falling for a replicant. In the end, he accepted the technology. Kinda like how I feel about this damn computer sometimes…
  1. George says:

    Deckard is an awesome name! But I don\’t think Kristin would have let me do it either.
    You know Deckard was a replicant, right? 🙂

  2. Slugbait says:

    …and the debate rages on. So Deckard would first need to be built without a death day (or at least given a LOT more time). Rachael was claimed to be the first without one (more precisely, an "experiment")…but of course the doc would have to lie about that to keep Deckard from having another clue that he\’s also a replicant. Plus, Deckard was getting his ass kicked by the renegade skin-jobs, so he would need to be built without superior physical capabilities…which kinda gives him a major disadvantage in trying to do the job he was built for in the first place. He\’s tested as human in the book, and scenes in the film only suggest he could be a replicant…if Ridley Scott truly wanted us to KNOW that Deckard was a replicant for the movie, he should have done more than just to tell us so in an interview AFTER the film was released. Plus, Scott "suggested" Deckard might be a Nexus 7, which would be a beta-version, AND which would mean he would have to be built before the latest generation of Nexus 6 replicants with the four-year lifespan…why give a beta replicant a long life, especially after what happened with the original Nexus 6 models? You never know if it\’s gonna crash & burn.
    And Harrison Ford believes Deckard was human. Could it have been an intentional directing ploy by Scott so that Ford didn\’t act different than what Scott wanted? Who knows…
    So yeah, I\’m in the camp that he\’s human 🙂

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