New Backyard Deck – The Prequel

Posted: April 24, 2006 in Uncategorized
Just created an album showing our 24-year-old deck, before the demolition. This is just to give you an idea of what we lived with for the first two years we’ve lived in our new house. Not a bad floor design, it was actually great for summer parties. However, we didn’t know just how bad the wood rot was until the demolition started…damn glad we decided to rip it down before it caused us a lawsuit!
Our contractor has been VERY patient with us. Hell, we had finalized six different designs before we finalized a final one. He’s using clear cedar, cuz we don’t like knots…it’s a little extra cost, but worth it. We’re adding a couple-hundred square feet without taking up much more yard space. The upper deck (next to the back door) is getting bumped out 30 inches, as is the mid deck…this gives us much more space to enter/exit the house, and more deck space on the mid deck. Then the lower deck is going to stretch the width of the two upper decks, instead of just being a jutting square, and it’s going to be lower to the ground.
In a couple of days, I’ll prop pictures of the demolition process, and add a pic or two per day of the progress as it’s being built.

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