Kickin’ back in Mexico!

Posted: April 28, 2006 in Uncategorized
No, I’m not there on vacation…I’m still stuck in the Great Northwest. But Mexico is thinking about relaxing drug laws so that individuals can possess small amounts of pot, XTC, coke, and even (gasp!) heroin. Of course, Prezadint Bush and the rest of his old-school, bible-belt right-wingers feel this would strain relations with our two countries. And it can’t get any worse for our white-bread American teenagers and college students: "If Fox signs the measure and it becomes law, it could…increase the vast numbers of vacationing students who visit Mexico."
Nooo…really? And for true? You mean, our kidz wouldn’t be going down there just for cheap beer, bad sex and sandy beaches any more? Say it isn’t so…

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