Draft opinions…like anyone cares

Posted: May 1, 2006 in Uncategorized
While watching the Rose Bowl, I was literally yelling at the TV…more precisely, yelling at Reggie Bush that he just cost himself the first pick and millions upon millions of dollars with that bone-headed lateral after getting into the red zone. As you may remember, USC lost possession and Vince Young engineered a surgically-precise touchdown drive. That one attempted showboat move by Bush probably cost USC the game.
Sure enough, I was right. Every single mock draft that was published over the last few months had Bush going first, but he went second. The difference between #1 and #2 last year? About 10 million bucks. That extra money from a #1 pick that he blew could have paid for his family’s rent in Southern California for an entire decade…
Too much attention was given by the "experts" to Vince Young’s "odd" throwing motion. Seems none of them considered that in the Rose Bowl he passed for more yardage than Matt Leinart, PLUS he rushed for more yards than Bush. And he obviously knows how to stay in a game, and find a way to win in the last minute. The mock drafts usually had him basically out of the Top 10, but he goes #3 to the Titans, waaaaaay ahead of Leinart. You want an unconventional throwing motion? Go back a generation and consider if you would have drafted Brett Favre, King of the Sidearm, based on this "fear". Vince Young deserves #3, and someone is going to try and figure out a way to package and sell all the electricity he generates. And Steve McNair was all but already booted from the team before the draft, so expect Young to win the starting job as a rookie. This will be fun to watch.
The Titans later (much later) drafted Bush’s sidekick, LenDale White. Yes, he wouldn’t work out for the scouts. Yes, he got all flabby. Yes, people say his focus on football is skewed. As a result, his draft value plummetted after the Rose Bowl. But he had considerably more yardage for USC than Bush, and WAY more touchdowns. He’s an every-down back, and hard to bring down. A fine choice, and a bargain as a second-round pick.
Speaking of Leinart, he was the last one out of the green room at #10. Ballroom dancing cost him at least 40 million dollars. He could have gone to the 49ers with a huge payday last year, and also have much more media marketability being in California…but instead he’s with the Cardinals. Yes, Arizona got the Edge in the off-season, and the receivers are considered "great weapons" for Leinart, but c’mon…Kurt Warner fully utilized these same weapons last year, they had a great offense, and they still tanked cuz the TEAM couldn’t win. They couldn’t win with a former MVP that showed he still has his chops, why do they think a rookie quarterback is gonna save the day? They had more pressing immediate needs, but obviously are looking toward the future. But if Warner wins the starting job and Arizona loses two of their first four games, everybody is gonna start screaming for Leinart to start…but he won’t be able to solve the actual problem. Matt will probably suffer just as much as Eli Manning when he was presented with this same scenario during his rookie season.
Denver was the most aggressive by leap-frogging all the way up to the #11 pick for Jay Cutler, the last of the "big three" quarterbacks. Interesting, considering what a good year Jake "The Snake" Plummer had taking the Broncos to the AFC Championship last year. It would have been one thing if the Broncos waited their turn before drafting a quarterback, but making so many deals to get way up and snatching Cutler sends a pretty clear message: Plummer can’t get the job done when it really counts (which begs the question, why didn’t the Colts draft high a quarterback, hmmmm?).
Otherwise, not much else of real interest or surprise, not even with the ‘hawks. Seattle didn’t make any trades to move up, and didn’t need to do so considering our key positions are already filled, but they grabbed a few quality people using their "best player available" mantra, like they did the last two years. Our biggest need was defense, and the ‘hawks selected Kelly Jennings with their first pick, who is regarded as the "most consistent" cornerback in the draft, even tho he wasn’t the first back drafted, so hopefully we’ve got a lucky break with this kid, like we had with Tatupu last year.  Second came a defensive end, Darryl Tapp, who apparently is someone that "never takes a play off"…the Seahawks war room even went so far to say the #1 draft pick, Mario Williams, WAS the kind of defensive end who would take plays off. Hmmmm….

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