Deck pics, Days 6 and 8

Posted: May 3, 2006 in Uncategorized
No pics from Day 7, since it was mostly finishing work that couldn’t really been seen in pics. For the Day 8 pics we have stairs, most of the bench for the lower level is in, and you might notice how well the planter boxes are integrated with the three tiers.
Funny thing is, the guys told us on Friday morning (day 5) that they should be done by EOD Monday. This was odd, considering we were originally told it would take two to three weeks, and suddenly they’re saying one week and a day. OK, fine. But I looked at what had been accomplished thus far, and realized that if they didn’t work the weekend, there was no way they could do it…but I didn’t say anything. On Monday, they said it would be done by EOD Tuesday…again, I knew that there was no way. Thursday was possible, Wednesday if there was a miracle. On Tuesday, they scheduled the walkthru for EOD Wednesday, but of course I was still thinking that Thursday was the possibility, but Wednesday was reaching.
And Wednesday when I got home? No walkthru. They’re not finished. But they’re close, damn close. I’m not holding this against them, mind you, we were told how long it would take in the beginning. We knew what to expect, we saw what had been done each day. Trying to pull it in by almost two weeks is something I thought only program managers would try to do (and like our deck, always fail 😉 ).
They do excellent work. When it takes a little longer (than they hope, anyway) to finish our deck in order to pay attention to the fine details, I’m perfectly fine with that. But still, if they DO finish tomorrow, they will still finish ahead of the original timeline we were given at the beginning of the project…we certainly can’t ask for more than that.
Props to my sister Leigh and cuzzin Viki…they share today as their birthdays! Both beautiful, but both taken, so don’t bother asking me for their phone numbers…

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