Star Wars ramblings…

Posted: May 15, 2006 in Uncategorized
A couple of years ago, Lucas proudly declared the original Star Wars trilogy would never be released on DVD…you either bought the lame-ass special editions, or you keep your laserdisc player and revel in belief that it really was worth spending $250 on the Definitive Collection (after having bought three other laserdisc re-releases and countless VHS re-releases, of course). Me, I just assumed he was lying again…he keeps finding ways to make money by re-releasing his films, so naturally I didn’t buy the special edition versions (cuz godammit, Greedo did NOT fire first, just to begin with…). By now, you’ve probably heard the original trilogy will be on DVD in a limited release, September thru December. Buy it during that time, it won’t ever be available again! Yeah, right, cry me a river: Lucas said the same thing about the Definitive Collection…nobody pulled them off the shelves, you were able to continue buying them months after you weren’t allowed to any more. He’s pulled this stunt too many times to fool anybody any more. Hey George, thanks for making my copy of the Definitive Collection totally worthless! You’re a peach! Lying suck-ass SOB
But my Star Wars rambling isn’t all negative…I think I found the funniest fan video I’ve ever seen. Imagine being in Emperer Palpatine’s office when Darth Vader calls from his modified TIE fighter to inform the emperer that the Death Star has been destroyed…

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