Gasoline Lies

Posted: May 22, 2006 in Uncategorized
According to the bean-counters in Washington, retail gas prices fell over 6 cents a gallon this week. But when I drive down the street, I see gas prices have either stayed the same, or have gone up a cent or two. Furthermore, Washington sez we drivers are paying 76 cents more per gallon than last year around Memorial Day…except when I drive down the street, I see that gas prices are well over a dollar more per gallon than what I was paying last year.
Why do they lie? So that they can keep the prices much higher than expected, hoping that we don’t notice. For example, exactly one year after Bush Senior lost the Persian Gulf War by pulling everyone out before nabbing Saddam, oil cost a full dollar less per barrell than it did before the first airstrikes began (heard this on KIRO 710 that stunning day)…but still we were paying over 20 cents more per gallon of gas than the same time the previous year (from 87 cents to $1.24 at the cheapest place I always went to from airstrikes to year-after "victory"). Coincidence? I think not. Consider Senior and Junior’s business…would YOU want to see gas prices drop if YOU were them? Hell no…they have their family wealth to consider, not including enriching all the people who payed devil prices to support their runs for the presidency. They owe them this…and we pay for it by the mile.

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