LAME movies…

Posted: May 30, 2006 in Uncategorized
The library sometimes has some gems sitting on the shelf, but most of the time you must reserve a film to check it out. Last week I found John Carpenter’s special edition of Assault on Precinct 13 just sitting there. I’d heard of the movie, it was generally well-regarded as excellent work. Carpenter was coming off of a very successful Halloween when he made this film. However, an hour into the film I finally pulled the disc out of the player. The movement was plodding too slow, the dialog was contrived and unrealistic, the acting was horrid…and when the assault finally started, there was repeated use of action shots (re: cops/convicts shooting the same people climbing thru the same windows multiple times)…they didn’t even mix in different angles to make it look like different shots. It was like deja vu in a movie over and over and over again. I got to the point where I hoped everyone in the police station died…but I didn’t want to keep watching to find out if they did.
Tonight the wife and I tried to watch Gus Van Sant’s Last Days. Thought it might be interesting, considering someone (the jacket) claimed it was loosely based on Kurt Cobain’s last days. However, it was a slow film showing some guy totally wiped, and was going nowhere after 40 minutes. There was the scene with a couple of mormons did a walk-by of the band house, and actually kept talking to a stoned musician, but otherwise was thoroughly un-entertaining. Gave up.
Were either movies as bad as Clifford? No, but they came damn close.
As I type this, I’m watching The Rundown, with The Rock and Seann William Scott. People say The Rock can’t act, but he’s actually a great character actor: do the "eye" and act tough. Scott gets the funny lines, tho’ some are kinda lame. Some great fight scenes, which are well choreographed. A good "guilty pleasure" film for action buffs.

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