Virgin LIARS!

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Uncategorized
You thought only Britney Spears lied about abstinence until marriage? HAH! They all lie about it…and some genius actually figured that out! </end heavy sarcasm> Finally we have conclusive evidence that teens who pledge to remain virgins until marriage will deny they ever took the pledge if they become sexually active, but wait!…they will also deny an active sexual history if they later take the pledge!
Folks, kids lie. It’s inevitable. They don’t like to get into trouble, just like you don’t want that speeding ticket. Here are some common lies throughout their years:
  • I didn’t take the cookies! <point at baby sister who can barely talk>
  • I didn’t skip class, the teacher just didn’t see me!
  • I’m holding these cigarettes for a friend!
  • Really, we ran out of gas! Right after the flat tire!
  • I told my friends that I’m allergic to marijuana.
  • Your scotch tastes watered down? You should switch brands.
  • A scratch on the BMW? Well, I certainly couldn’t have put it there. More mileage? No…are you sure?

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