Do you believe…

Posted: June 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
…a man can fly? That was essentially a paraphrased tag-line back in 1978 for Superman, starring Christopher Reeve. The tag-line "You’ll believe a man can fly" was more for the advanced special effects, but the real issue was that people had questions about this nobody-actor becoming the Man of Steel…will this Reeve kid actually convince us that he’s Superman?
The thing is, Reeve did an exceptional job…and then became Superman for real after he fell off that horse.
That’s what gives me pause to see this year’s release of Superman Returns…will this new kid actually convince us that he’s Superman? Reeve had big shoes to fill, will Routh even be able to put on the blue tights?
Call me sentimental, but there are some times you just aren’t supposed to continue or re-start some things.

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