Road-rage is psych? Bull…

Posted: June 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
People getting angry on the road is all a psychological imbalance? These are people who need professional help or drugs? Certainly not in most cases.
I don’t force someone off the road or cut them off or follow them just to scream bloddy-murder at them. But I do get angry with people who should NOT be allowed to operate a motor vehicle…although I usually just bitch about it under my breath and forget about it. However, I can understand certain circumstances where people go ballistic, but don’t go the "illegal" overboard route…they just get mad. Case(s) in point…
This morning I’m heading to work along a long stretch of roadway with someone ahead of me doing about 10 MPH under the speed limit…and she keeps looking down into her passenger seat and fiddling around with something as if it’s far more important for her to pay attention to than the road, and repeatedly hitting her brakes. I’m almost ready to pass her when she suddenly decides to look forward and drive as if she should be behind the wheel. OK, fine. But then we get to the light and stop…which then turns green…and soon after starting to moving forward, she suddenly decides to stop the vehicle and pay attention to whatever is in her passenger seat again…to which she finally got the horn.
I’m heading home this afternoon, and the right lane has to merge with the left (I’m already in the left lane). I look in my rear-view mirror, and I can’t see the dashboard of the POS behind me (much less her license plate) because this bitch driving that crap-ass car decides the person to her right isn’t going to get one car length further up than her…meaning that she’s essentially riding almost underneath the bumper of my new truck. I remain calm and realize that I need to carefully drive-n-brake as necessary to keep her POS car from making contact with my truck.
A few minutes later I’m on the same long stretch of road as this morning, when I suddenly realize the person ahead of me is breaking to a full stop…for no reason whatsoever (other than to make an illegal U-turn in unpassable traffic). Thinking that nobody behind my truck can see this person coming to a complete stop to illegally impede traffic, I do not jump to the right lane to pass, and instead repeatedly hit my brakes to "flash" to the peole behind me that we’re coming to a stop, and save this utter moron ahead of me a possible rear-end collision in a high-speed area. I flash my high-beams at him, and what does he do? He looks in his rear-view mirror at me, and he shrugs like he has no control over the oncoming traffic that he’s illegally waiting to pass us by. C’mon, if you make a wrong turn, drive until you can correct your mistake! Yeah, he got the horn, too…but he still waited until he could execute his illegal U-turn.
This is just three examples (re: morons) I dealt with in one day. It’s actually a daily occurance to see someone driving who should instead be in a coffee shop. Like when I was driving on 520 and saw the woman to my right slowing her vehicle to a crawl for no reason, holding her hand up to block the sun, so that she could see the road…what, she doesn’t have sunglasses or know what her sun-visor is for? Maybe she did…but couldn’t grab her glasses or pull down her visor because her other hand was holding her cell phone (which begs the question: was her third hand on the wheel?). And every day, I see someone making a left turn, and driving over the lane of oncoming traffic…several times, I’ve almost gotten hit head-on when coming to a stop light…whatever happened to executing 90-degree turns at 90 degrees?
Some people may have issues, but I think most people have issues with stupid people who shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

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