Wear a helmet

Posted: June 12, 2006 in Uncategorized
It’s simple: the NFL will penalize you if you so much as take your helmet off on the field of play, even if the play is dead, and yet Superbowl quarterback Big Ben from the Steelers won’t wear one EVER on a motorcycle. Quote: "…the big thing is to just be careful."
Dude, it doesn’t matter if you are "careful" on the world’s fastest motorcycle, because there are just too many people wrapped in steel boxes that have no concept of two-wheeled vehicles…why the heck do you think so many riders have bumper-stickers on their cars advising "Look twice, save a life…motorcycles are everywhere", hmmmm?
So some old lady in a big-ass Chrysler New Yorker makes a left turn in front of him, and he hits the side of her car. I’m sure he had the right-of-way and she simply didn’t see him coming, but that’s small comfort after receiving a nine-inch gash introduced to the back of your head, getting both your jaw and your nose broken, and losing most of your teeth.
Terry Bradshaw told him to ride when he retires. Ben ignored that advice…but at least now Ben can have the same smile as Bradshaw…

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