Say, aren’t you a legend?

Posted: June 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
We had a team moral event at the pool hall in Lincoln Square on Friday afternoon. A good time had by all. I was dressed a bit snazzy, wearing slacks and a nice shirt, and even had my shoes shined at Nordstrom’s just before arriving (got crap from Berge, too). I had to go back thru the mall to get to my truck, so I perused thru Nordstrom’s on my way out (it was the half-yearly men’s sale…damn, it was crowded). I’m checking out the shaving accessories when I notice a salesperson asking if help was needed..but he wasn’t asking me, he was asking the older gentleman next to me. That gentleman turns toward me, and I suddenly realize…
It was Lenny Wilkens.
Assuming IF you have the audacity to actually speak to this man, what the hell do you say? Me, I didn’t even think about it…I immediately put on a sly smile and said, "Say, aren’t you a legend?"
The first look on his face was kind of stunned. Maybe it was the "legend" thing. And although I was properly dressed in this particular establishment, my hair is a bit of a throw-off, maybe that was it. Who knows for sure. But he quickly gave me a smile, and shook my hand, asking me, "How are you?" I just smiled a little differently and said, "Good, thanks".
Then I turned and continued browsing the store.
And that was my brush with one of the greatest men in NBA history. w00t.

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