Close, but no cigar

Posted: June 26, 2006 in Uncategorized
Letterman’s Top10 was pretty close this week on several entries…a few of mine were somewhat similar to the winning submissions:
Top10 Reasons BillG is Stepping Down From MS:
Mine: More time needed in order to get a decent haircut
#9: Wants to spend more time in search of a decent barber
Mine: No more software companies left to destroy
#5: Ruthlessly crushing the competition just doesn’t bring the joy it used to anymore
Mine: He wants to save Brangelina’s kids
#2: Thinks if he devotes more time to charity work he might have a shot with Angelina Jolie
OK, so the winners were a bit more funny than mine. Hey, it’s just a stinkin’ mousepad…as if my MX700 needs anything other than a RatPadz…

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