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No bud this year…

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No, it’s not that I abstain from drinking yellow beer. The Miss Budweiser hydro, perhaps the most legendary plane since the Slo-Mo, retired two seasons ago after 42 years on the circuit. Seafair seems a bit empty without her. But her last pilot, Dave Villwock, continues flying in the Miss Elam Plus…literally. Villwock was trying to put her nose down, but she bounced, caught some air, and was briefly tracked by airport radar as she completely flipped and landed hard on her belly. Somehow, she still won the Atomic Cup (perhaps the Elam team pulled a Landis). The races on Lake Washington are next weekend, and I might actually go…if anything, on Friday or Saturday to catch some rooster tails and Angel practices.

Been so busy on my new team this last two weeks, I haven’t had time to muse on my blog… 

Seahawks training camp! YaY! Our first-round pick, Kelly Jennings, was a little bit late due to hammering out contract details, but otherwise everybody is in and getting down to business. A couple of big-name players are sidelined, still recovering from off-season surgeries and whatnot, but compared to other NFL camps, no real drama coming from Camp Holmgren. For instance, everybody keeps talking about Owens and the Cowboys (even non-news crappy fluff), Michael Vick lost his best receiver to injury yesterday, Big Ben is in camp on time after a near-death experience, some players are boycotting camp due to contract disputes, Jeremy Shockey is being…well, Jeremy Shockey, etc. But smooth waters in Cheney…

So apparently the Road Warrior is an anti-semite, and some Hollywood ink whores think Mel Gibson’s career is over because of it. The details of his drunken outrage somehow leaked out, but the police are being professional and doing the "no comment" thang, so kudos to them. But apparently because of the leak, Mel immediately hits the rehab, which is the easiest way for high-profile celebs to say "I screwed up, but it wasn’t REALLY my fault…it was the drugs/booze/loose women. Now watch me clean up". The flub over Passion of the Christ blew over pretty quick, this will be almost forgotten in a month. I mean, look how many times Courtney Love has successfully used rehab to get out of trouble…

Boy George has to pick up garbage on city streets in New York. In the hot August sun. For five days. Which begs the question, when is some judge gonna wake up and make Courtney Love pick up garbage for a MONTH? Preferably in East L.A., of course…

Intel’s new Conroe processor is finally out. These things are overclocking mofos…for $183, you can get an E6300 that will beat AMD’s $800 FX-62 (no small feat, to be sure). Good luck finding one right now tho, much less finding one at the "advertised" prices. In a couple of months they’ll be more available. Me, I’m gonna wait a bit, probably after January when prices drop, and built another uber machine. By that time, a 7900GTX should be selling for less than $250, so that will go nicely with a E6600 that should be around $200 by then (unless I get a free EE proc again from my wife’s cousin…).

And finally…is that pesky RIAA suing you for downloading songs off the InterWeb? Make them disappear by saying the words, "IP Address"…

This guy gets 3000+ MPG in his ’94 Ford Escort. His secret? Water. He recently patented an electrolysis process that breaks down H2O and converts it to HHO. He’s working with car manufacturers on deals for his patent, which will probably result in the manufacturers buying the patent outright and then never building a water-powered car…since that would destroy the oil industry, of which they are so heavily invested in.
But wouldn’t it be cool to have a two-gallon tank, and just hook up a garden hose and drive off?

A sad ending…?

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A chocolate lab came streaking thru our neighborhood a few weeks ago. He had more energy than a child on a triple-tall mocha latte. Our neighbors all had their small children outside, and the dog could have seriously hurt one of them if he knocked them over…I was able to grab him, and found that he had a regular collar as well as an electric fence collar. I figured the battery died on the electric fence collar.
What…NO TAGS? For pete’s sake, not even a rabies vaccination tag…isn’t that illegal? No matter, he was a total sweetheart, so…
I actually remembered where Magnet’s thick leather leash was stored, so the wife and I decided to walk him around the Hill and hoped the owners would be driving around trying to find him. No luck. While walking, I realized he didn’t know how to walk…he wouldn’t heel, and would pull on the leash with every ounce of his strength (thank goodness for Magnet’s leash). After a couple of blocks I remarked to the wife, "10-to-1 they turned off the electric fence".
One of the neighbors sent us home with a little dogfood. He didn’t eat it all, so he obviously was recently "freed". While stashed in the backyard, I went inside, and once out of sight he just started SCREAMING. Jeez, does this dog need constant companionship?
We took him to Kirkland for a chip scan…nada. Crap. Not even embedded ID. So we drove out to Eastgate to drop him off at the Humane Society. An entire evening shot.
A little over a week ago I’m walking a dog that we were taking care of for friends, and come across a "Lost dog!" sign. It described the dog I found. It also said "reward", but I’m not looking for money…I figured it was the same dog and wanted it back home, but the sign was put up over a week after I found him? So although it was after 11PM, I called them.
Turns out that they’ve actually put up "lost dog" signs a couple of times, but said that apparently someone keeps taking them down, which explains why I didn’t see any of the signs.
Now I get it…their neighbors probably pulled the signs. The way that dog screams, his hyper-active nature…it would probably drive me nutz, too.
It’s been over a week and I haven’t heard back from the owners. I can only assume they missed the 72-hour window to claim their pet from the Humane Society.
It’s mostly their fault: no ID, no chip, and they never called the Humane Society.
Even as stupid as they are, I feel sorry for the dog.
Maybe not that much…damn thing put a few deep scratches in my new deck…
First we had the original Survivor winner getting nailed by Uncle Sam cuz he didn’t pay taxes on the winning prizes…nor did he pay taxes on money he made off his fame. And he spent over 32 grand on himself that was earmarked for charity. He got four years surviving in a jail cell.
Now we have another Survivor winner who got arrested early this morning, around 3 AM his time, for shooting a puppy with a bow and arrow. Now, before you get all upset and crazy about this, understand that it was very dark, and he told police he thought it was a coyote harrassing his pets. But that begs the question…why were the police at his house so early in the morning, and why did he jump in his car and speed off when they showed up? Simple: his wife called them and said he shot a puppy with a bow and arrow in front of their 5-year-old son, and was about to shoot another puppy.
Fame just goes straight to some people’s heads…
It’s been a whole month since I "won" another mousepad from The Late Show Top 10 Contest…but I still haven’t received the damn thing! Maybe asking for a coffee mug instead made CBS "lose" my mailing address. Perhaps they’ve already forgotten who I am with the following submissions to the Top10 Contest
Top Ten Things Our Forefathers Would Say If They Were Alive Today
  • Four score and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD…!
  • We the People think Bush sucks
  • Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you’ll gain by sneaking across the Mexican border into Texas
  • A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue means you’re Gene Simmons of KISS
  • Early to bed and early to rise means you don’t drink, you ain’t getting laid and you’re a workaholic
  • Anyone who trades liberty for security probably voted for Bush
  • One if by land, two if by Death From Above

Light this candle

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Alan Shepard strapped himself into something that, today, we would call a "death trap" and uttered the bravest words of America’s venture into outer space. He knew the risks and he knew what he was sitting on top of…and he referred to his space ship appropriately…."light this candle"
Every hotshot pilot knows the risks of space flight…and they would all trade their Corvettes to get there. Hell, they all know the chances of dying in their ‘vettes is higher than dying on a rocket (have you ever seen any of them drive…?)
So it’s of great wonder why the "powers that be" are trying to ensure astronauts safety…by grounding them. Yes, an exploding space shuttle is horrible. But there is still a long line of pilots who watch those shuttles explode and don’t leave the line…they want to fly. And c’mon, can YOU get an insurance policy from your provider for space flight? No?
Thousands died trying to cross the Atlantic…did anybody stop the colonies? No. But a handful of people die going to or coming back from space, and everybody freaks out.
Kennedy is in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary, and now they are concerned about how wildlife affects shuttle launches…forty YEARS later. Puh-leeze.
You can’t move forward without sacrifice. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t even try. And the people counting beans behind NASA is doing everything they can to keep man from going back to outer space.
Put those rocket jockeys back where they belong. They know the risks…and they know there is NOTHING that anybody can do to ensure their lives. And they accept that fact…