Light this candle

Posted: July 1, 2006 in Uncategorized
Alan Shepard strapped himself into something that, today, we would call a "death trap" and uttered the bravest words of America’s venture into outer space. He knew the risks and he knew what he was sitting on top of…and he referred to his space ship appropriately…."light this candle"
Every hotshot pilot knows the risks of space flight…and they would all trade their Corvettes to get there. Hell, they all know the chances of dying in their ‘vettes is higher than dying on a rocket (have you ever seen any of them drive…?)
So it’s of great wonder why the "powers that be" are trying to ensure astronauts safety…by grounding them. Yes, an exploding space shuttle is horrible. But there is still a long line of pilots who watch those shuttles explode and don’t leave the line…they want to fly. And c’mon, can YOU get an insurance policy from your provider for space flight? No?
Thousands died trying to cross the Atlantic…did anybody stop the colonies? No. But a handful of people die going to or coming back from space, and everybody freaks out.
Kennedy is in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary, and now they are concerned about how wildlife affects shuttle launches…forty YEARS later. Puh-leeze.
You can’t move forward without sacrifice. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t even try. And the people counting beans behind NASA is doing everything they can to keep man from going back to outer space.
Put those rocket jockeys back where they belong. They know the risks…and they know there is NOTHING that anybody can do to ensure their lives. And they accept that fact…

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