A sad ending…?

Posted: July 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
A chocolate lab came streaking thru our neighborhood a few weeks ago. He had more energy than a child on a triple-tall mocha latte. Our neighbors all had their small children outside, and the dog could have seriously hurt one of them if he knocked them over…I was able to grab him, and found that he had a regular collar as well as an electric fence collar. I figured the battery died on the electric fence collar.
What…NO TAGS? For pete’s sake, not even a rabies vaccination tag…isn’t that illegal? No matter, he was a total sweetheart, so…
I actually remembered where Magnet’s thick leather leash was stored, so the wife and I decided to walk him around the Hill and hoped the owners would be driving around trying to find him. No luck. While walking, I realized he didn’t know how to walk…he wouldn’t heel, and would pull on the leash with every ounce of his strength (thank goodness for Magnet’s leash). After a couple of blocks I remarked to the wife, "10-to-1 they turned off the electric fence".
One of the neighbors sent us home with a little dogfood. He didn’t eat it all, so he obviously was recently "freed". While stashed in the backyard, I went inside, and once out of sight he just started SCREAMING. Jeez, does this dog need constant companionship?
We took him to Kirkland for a chip scan…nada. Crap. Not even embedded ID. So we drove out to Eastgate to drop him off at the Humane Society. An entire evening shot.
A little over a week ago I’m walking a dog that we were taking care of for friends, and come across a "Lost dog!" sign. It described the dog I found. It also said "reward", but I’m not looking for money…I figured it was the same dog and wanted it back home, but the sign was put up over a week after I found him? So although it was after 11PM, I called them.
Turns out that they’ve actually put up "lost dog" signs a couple of times, but said that apparently someone keeps taking them down, which explains why I didn’t see any of the signs.
Now I get it…their neighbors probably pulled the signs. The way that dog screams, his hyper-active nature…it would probably drive me nutz, too.
It’s been over a week and I haven’t heard back from the owners. I can only assume they missed the 72-hour window to claim their pet from the Humane Society.
It’s mostly their fault: no ID, no chip, and they never called the Humane Society.
Even as stupid as they are, I feel sorry for the dog.
Maybe not that much…damn thing put a few deep scratches in my new deck…

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