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Gotsa new TV!

Posted: August 31, 2006 in Uncategorized
No, I didn’t sacrifice a mortgage payment on HDTV. And it’s not "new". But I got a significant upgrade: I replaced a 6-year-old 32" Toshiba with a 4-year-old 36" Sony Wega. It’s your basic 4:3 screen, no bells or whistles (like PIP), but uses FD technology and OH MY GAWD what a fantastic picture in comparison to the older Toshiba.
When I first went looking for a new TV six years ago, I compared the cheapest Toshiba SxS with the cheapest Sony non-Wega (the Sony was $150 more expensive) and the Toshiba picture quality easily won. That bottom-end Sony didn’t even have S-Video, much less component inputs, which made the decision to go with Toshiba a no-brainer.
Four years ago, my "new" Wega TV was selling for $1100-1300, about $700+ more than what I paid for the Toshiba…but buying it used from someone who upgraded to DLP last weekend, I got this Wega for only $100 (yes, one hundred bucks)…just get it out of his house! Woo-hoo! I got it home, pulled out Video Essentials, and calibrated the picture. The blacks are REALLY black. MNF looked awesome. I turned on the 16×9 Enhancement feature, and A Bug’s Life never looked better.
The thing about the 16×9 Enhancement feature is that this larger screen actually has a little LESS height to a widescreen movie in comparison to the smaller Toshiba…but the visual picture is wider, and rendered exactly the way it was meant to be seen, meaning there is no longer a slight vertical elongation of characters and objects. Considering I sit only 10 feet from the screen, this is perfectly fine for now.
I have been pining for a large plasma or LCD television for a couple of years now…almost pulled the trigger once (ok, it was actually three times). But I look at the following reasons that a used 36" Wega would be a much better use of $100 than buying HDTV right now:
  • The federally mandated HD switch is more than two years away: by then, large HDTVs will drop further in price…especially 1080i sets.
  • Over the next two years, the technology of HDTVs will be increased.
  • Over the next two years, most quality issues of the different types of HDTVs should be resolved.
  • Highly significant upgrade in visual quality TODAY.
  • I didn’t spend two grand…and subsequently losing several teeth from a pregnant woman swinging wildly in a fit of blind rage.

Pretty damn close

Posted: August 30, 2006 in Uncategorized
I blogged a breakdown of the Seahawks’ sched+ back on April 6. I detailed each opponent, then followed with a paragraph predicting wins/loses to those opponents. Here’s what my predictions were waaay back then…
"First two games are against Detroit and Arizona, but Arizona is a home game, so no blistering heat to deal with…both games should be winners. Second two games are NY and Chicago, I think we’ll get one of these. We have an early BYE week this year (week 5), and last year was the first time that we won after a BYE…and our first opponent will be St. Louis, so I think we’ll lose this one. Following the Rams is Minnesota, KS and Oakland, we should win at least two of these. Then the Rams come to Seattle for some payback. Then there’s SF and Green Bay…if Favre is gone or his team sucks, we should take both. Then it’s off to Mile-High, where we will probably lose, followed by Arizona and SF, which we should win. We’ll win against San Diego if we need to secure home-field advantage, otherwise we’ll give the second-stringers a shot, and Tampa Bay will be a meaningless game that we’ll just give ’em unless it’s the game that means home-field."
Today Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted his predictions of the ‘hawks’ sched+. He also thinks we’ll be 3-1 in the first four games, but gives game 5 against the Rams to us (hey, I won’t complain if he’s right). I think we’ll get two of three against Minnesota, KS and Oakland, but Peter thinks we’ll get all three (again, I won’t complain). The rest of the season, his win/loss predictions are just like mine. Whoa…
Here’s where Peter was smoking his lunch: he predicts Hasselbeck to overtake Peyton Manning as league leader in passing yards by game 14. That would be MVP territory, so it would be fantastic if he’s right…
The Patriots gave Deion Branch permission to seek a trade. Seahawks have had lots of depth at wide receiver since Holmgren took over, but never a "marque" playmaker (we’ve always TALKED about how Robinson or whoever would BECOME a marque playmaker…never happened). The ‘hawks don’t need their first-round pick next year, and are well under the salary cap, so this would be an enticing prospect…but more than likely, the purse-stingy Pats are probably just trying to get a current market value for the guy so they can re-work his contract accordingly to keep him. Todd Pinkston became available today, but I think it would be irresponsible to go for him…lousy attitude and recently off the IR list makes him too expensive.
Stupid is as stupid does: Eagles brought back A.J. Feeley…huh? His only successful stint was four games with the Eagles back in 2002! Oakland brought back Jeff George…double-huh? George hasn’t thrown a pass in five years. Tony Dungy is confident with the Colt running game minus Edge…but it has totally tanked out this pre-season. And after The Big Tuna publicly said T.O. won’t be playing in a game until he sees Owens in practice, T.O. counters to the media that Parcells can just watch 10 years of film highlights instead…oooh, the match keeps barely missing the fuse on all those fireworks. What say Jones takes a hit in the wallet, release T.O. and go after Branch like there’s no tomorrow, m-kay?

In a bad mood

Posted: August 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
And I’m gonna be "absent" for awhile.
Christ, we can’t go one single frickin’ day without another STUNNING Britney Spears story. She hasn’t had an album or played a concert in years, and yet the stories never stop! It’s every day we have another Britney and/or K-Fed update! She has more press now than ever before! It is so obvious that the "family friend" or "anonymous source" are simply well-placed stooges to keep her in the spotlight.
Today we find out that her trailer-trash husband (now that’s a stretch…) has six pet sharks. It apparently wasn’t a big deal with the first off-spring, but now that a second spoiled brat is on the way, she apparently has come to the surprising conclusion that maybe sharks in the living room isn’t such a good idea anymore. No, ya think…???
In other words, she has officially jumped the shark.
And she did it better than any previous shark-jumper in history…simply because real sharks were involved.
But don’t worry, dear reader…she’ll top this story somehow…

Tuna “lays down the law”?

Posted: August 16, 2006 in Uncategorized
So my criticism of Bill Parcells earlier today about T.O.’s questionable "injured hammy" might be called "belatedly premature", according to the latest story at The title on the main page of is that The Big Tuna layed down the law with T.O.
However, when clicking the link, we find out he did no such thing. Instead, The Big Tuna layed down the law with a trainer…not T.O. himself, not an assistant coach, not even that sleezy agent, but a TRAINER…and he told the TRAINER to tell T.O. to get his ass out on the field.
In other words, The Big Tuna is still just The Big Pussy when it comes to T.O.


Posted: August 16, 2006 in Uncategorized
Peter King, of Sports Illustrated, finally made it to the Left Coast to visit the Seahawks training camp and write about it. He had a lot of good things to say, definitely more good than bad (unlike other camps he’s visited so far). Seneca Wallace got praised (YaY!). He didn’t mention the bogus Vinny Testeverde touchdown…oops, I mean the bogus Big Ben touchdown…but did say Hasselbeck got robbed on a legit tackle after that key interception.
And what’s this…our ex-problem child, Koren Robinson, now with the Vikings, is possibly drinking again so soon after a recent "relapse preventative class"? And he’s driving his beemer over 100 MPH and failing to stop for police? Well, at least he didn’t hit a meter-maid…
And what’s this about T.O. still pedaling around on a stationary bike? His hammy wasn’t injured, it wasn’t even a decent pull…just a little tight…and he skips out on over two weeks of practice. Terry Glenn develops painful blisters on his feet after the exhibition game, and the coach reams him a new one for missing a SINGLE DAY of practice, but T.O. sits on his ass, smiles for the cameras, and the coach just gives him a kiss and a decent reach-around. If this keeps up, "The Big Tuna" is going to be referred to as "The Big Pussy Who Won’t Eat His Tuna".
And Matt Leinart, who threw away millions of dollars just to dance, is finally signed and in camp…and is apparently going to play against the Patriots with only four days of practice! Yeah, right, he’ll be ready…first play, hand off to Edge. Second play, get off his back. Third play, incomplete. Just watch…

Uncle Rog wouldn’t approve

Posted: August 10, 2006 in Uncategorized
You never knew when you were younger. Bad guys were known, or found out, and 007 (or the next dude) would take them out, shake off the dust, and move on to save the world again.
Today, the slightest hint of the "world coming to an end" has to be broadcasted on all channels.
My uncle is a former US Ambassador (which is still his proper title), and he’s sick about how the current administration is handling this whole "terrorist" thang. In the past, the less we knew, the better…today, we must know every move that is made, and we must ALL suffer for it. It’s not enough to know today’s major players, their agenda, their targets and their nationalities…every single person traveling in the world today had to throw away 30-50 dollars worth of personal belongings in order to wait five additional hours to board an airline flight. Then miss their connecting flight…
In the past, before 9/11, you just got on board. Nobody knew a terrorist plot had been foiled. Remember hearing about some dude who was trying to sell nuclear material from the former Soviet Union years ago that was smuggled into Germany? Remember how it was "old news" by the time it was publicly reported? That’s how terrorists were handled back then…in secret. Don’t f-up the lives of the entire world, and it keeps spinning…that was the status quo.
Today, you have to know about every plot, on the day it’s discovered…even those plots that don’t exist.
And that’s how the terrorists have won this war, cuz you can’t be terrorized if you didn’t know it was ever happening.