Where’s KISS?

Posted: August 6, 2006 in Uncategorized
Well, they’re not in the Rock-n-Roll Hall Of Fame, that’s for sure. And about 200 members of the KISS Army marched on the museum to protest the fact that they were not in the hall, even tho’ they’ve been eligible for induction for six years now.
Which is totally understandable…KISS created "anthem rock" (or at least, was the first band to do it correctly). And I don’t believe a single rock band has ever said they weren’t influenced in some way, at some time, by KISS.
Were they an elite band of musicians? No. But they…pardon the pun…changed the face of rock music. They made a stage show a theatrical show. They made hard rock something that was fun. They published timeless music. And along the way, they created an army…few bands have such die-hard fans.
The number of bands/artists that can be inducted to the Hall each year is limited, and there are so many great artists to nominate. Perhaps this protest gets KISS nominated and inducted next year. One can only hope. However, other bands like Van Halen, Rush and Yes didn’t get nominated, either. And the Sex Pistols got inducted this year but refused to attend the ceremony, calling the museum a "piss stain"…so maybe this whole "Hall of Fame" thing is just a couple of people jerking themselves off, and we shouldn’t really care who’s in and who’s not. For example, Miles Davis is hot, but was he rock? No, absolutely not, he was a jazzman, but he’s in the HOF for some reason….and the HOF has the following to say about Miles: "His musical experimentation beginning in the late 60’s created a fusion of jazz with rock and roll, soul, funk and hip hop"
OMG…we had hip-hop waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 60’s? This man was truly ahead of his time, I suppose…

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