Pork Chop and Sweet Pea

Posted: August 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who was one of many to predict Seattle to win the Super Bowl a few years ago during the pre-season, is still not picking the ‘hawks to take it all this year (even tho’ the team is largely intact from last year’s Super Bowl). He predicts the Cowboys to win over the Patriots (puh-leeze…like the Pats are even going to make it that far). However, he does have the following humorous line in Friday’s "training camp postcard" piece: "I’ll tell you what would be the best matchup in the NFL this year: Colts-Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Sweet Pea Burns enters the game as a sub and lines up at right tackle … right across from Seahawks guard Pork Chop Womack. Seems like Pork Chop will get the better of Sweet Pea, if nickname strength is any indication."

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