Uncle Rog wouldn’t approve

Posted: August 10, 2006 in Uncategorized
You never knew when you were younger. Bad guys were known, or found out, and 007 (or the next dude) would take them out, shake off the dust, and move on to save the world again.
Today, the slightest hint of the "world coming to an end" has to be broadcasted on all channels.
My uncle is a former US Ambassador (which is still his proper title), and he’s sick about how the current administration is handling this whole "terrorist" thang. In the past, the less we knew, the better…today, we must know every move that is made, and we must ALL suffer for it. It’s not enough to know today’s major players, their agenda, their targets and their nationalities…every single person traveling in the world today had to throw away 30-50 dollars worth of personal belongings in order to wait five additional hours to board an airline flight. Then miss their connecting flight…
In the past, before 9/11, you just got on board. Nobody knew a terrorist plot had been foiled. Remember hearing about some dude who was trying to sell nuclear material from the former Soviet Union years ago that was smuggled into Germany? Remember how it was "old news" by the time it was publicly reported? That’s how terrorists were handled back then…in secret. Don’t f-up the lives of the entire world, and it keeps spinning…that was the status quo.
Today, you have to know about every plot, on the day it’s discovered…even those plots that don’t exist.
And that’s how the terrorists have won this war, cuz you can’t be terrorized if you didn’t know it was ever happening.

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