Posted: August 16, 2006 in Uncategorized
Peter King, of Sports Illustrated, finally made it to the Left Coast to visit the Seahawks training camp and write about it. He had a lot of good things to say, definitely more good than bad (unlike other camps he’s visited so far). Seneca Wallace got praised (YaY!). He didn’t mention the bogus Vinny Testeverde touchdown…oops, I mean the bogus Big Ben touchdown…but did say Hasselbeck got robbed on a legit tackle after that key interception.
And what’s this…our ex-problem child, Koren Robinson, now with the Vikings, is possibly drinking again so soon after a recent "relapse preventative class"? And he’s driving his beemer over 100 MPH and failing to stop for police? Well, at least he didn’t hit a meter-maid…
And what’s this about T.O. still pedaling around on a stationary bike? His hammy wasn’t injured, it wasn’t even a decent pull…just a little tight…and he skips out on over two weeks of practice. Terry Glenn develops painful blisters on his feet after the exhibition game, and the coach reams him a new one for missing a SINGLE DAY of practice, but T.O. sits on his ass, smiles for the cameras, and the coach just gives him a kiss and a decent reach-around. If this keeps up, "The Big Tuna" is going to be referred to as "The Big Pussy Who Won’t Eat His Tuna".
And Matt Leinart, who threw away millions of dollars just to dance, is finally signed and in camp…and is apparently going to play against the Patriots with only four days of practice! Yeah, right, he’ll be ready…first play, hand off to Edge. Second play, get off his back. Third play, incomplete. Just watch…

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