Britney has jumped the shark …literally

Posted: August 17, 2006 in Uncategorized
Christ, we can’t go one single frickin’ day without another STUNNING Britney Spears story. She hasn’t had an album or played a concert in years, and yet the stories never stop! It’s every day we have another Britney and/or K-Fed update! She has more press now than ever before! It is so obvious that the "family friend" or "anonymous source" are simply well-placed stooges to keep her in the spotlight.
Today we find out that her trailer-trash husband (now that’s a stretch…) has six pet sharks. It apparently wasn’t a big deal with the first off-spring, but now that a second spoiled brat is on the way, she apparently has come to the surprising conclusion that maybe sharks in the living room isn’t such a good idea anymore. No, ya think…???
In other words, she has officially jumped the shark.
And she did it better than any previous shark-jumper in history…simply because real sharks were involved.
But don’t worry, dear reader…she’ll top this story somehow…

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