Pretty damn close

Posted: August 30, 2006 in Uncategorized
I blogged a breakdown of the Seahawks’ sched+ back on April 6. I detailed each opponent, then followed with a paragraph predicting wins/loses to those opponents. Here’s what my predictions were waaay back then…
"First two games are against Detroit and Arizona, but Arizona is a home game, so no blistering heat to deal with…both games should be winners. Second two games are NY and Chicago, I think we’ll get one of these. We have an early BYE week this year (week 5), and last year was the first time that we won after a BYE…and our first opponent will be St. Louis, so I think we’ll lose this one. Following the Rams is Minnesota, KS and Oakland, we should win at least two of these. Then the Rams come to Seattle for some payback. Then there’s SF and Green Bay…if Favre is gone or his team sucks, we should take both. Then it’s off to Mile-High, where we will probably lose, followed by Arizona and SF, which we should win. We’ll win against San Diego if we need to secure home-field advantage, otherwise we’ll give the second-stringers a shot, and Tampa Bay will be a meaningless game that we’ll just give ’em unless it’s the game that means home-field."
Today Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted his predictions of the ‘hawks’ sched+. He also thinks we’ll be 3-1 in the first four games, but gives game 5 against the Rams to us (hey, I won’t complain if he’s right). I think we’ll get two of three against Minnesota, KS and Oakland, but Peter thinks we’ll get all three (again, I won’t complain). The rest of the season, his win/loss predictions are just like mine. Whoa…
Here’s where Peter was smoking his lunch: he predicts Hasselbeck to overtake Peyton Manning as league leader in passing yards by game 14. That would be MVP territory, so it would be fantastic if he’s right…
The Patriots gave Deion Branch permission to seek a trade. Seahawks have had lots of depth at wide receiver since Holmgren took over, but never a "marque" playmaker (we’ve always TALKED about how Robinson or whoever would BECOME a marque playmaker…never happened). The ‘hawks don’t need their first-round pick next year, and are well under the salary cap, so this would be an enticing prospect…but more than likely, the purse-stingy Pats are probably just trying to get a current market value for the guy so they can re-work his contract accordingly to keep him. Todd Pinkston became available today, but I think it would be irresponsible to go for him…lousy attitude and recently off the IR list makes him too expensive.
Stupid is as stupid does: Eagles brought back A.J. Feeley…huh? His only successful stint was four games with the Eagles back in 2002! Oakland brought back Jeff George…double-huh? George hasn’t thrown a pass in five years. Tony Dungy is confident with the Colt running game minus Edge…but it has totally tanked out this pre-season. And after The Big Tuna publicly said T.O. won’t be playing in a game until he sees Owens in practice, T.O. counters to the media that Parcells can just watch 10 years of film highlights instead…oooh, the match keeps barely missing the fuse on all those fireworks. What say Jones takes a hit in the wallet, release T.O. and go after Branch like there’s no tomorrow, m-kay?

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