Gotsa new TV!

Posted: August 31, 2006 in Uncategorized
No, I didn’t sacrifice a mortgage payment on HDTV. And it’s not "new". But I got a significant upgrade: I replaced a 6-year-old 32" Toshiba with a 4-year-old 36" Sony Wega. It’s your basic 4:3 screen, no bells or whistles (like PIP), but uses FD technology and OH MY GAWD what a fantastic picture in comparison to the older Toshiba.
When I first went looking for a new TV six years ago, I compared the cheapest Toshiba SxS with the cheapest Sony non-Wega (the Sony was $150 more expensive) and the Toshiba picture quality easily won. That bottom-end Sony didn’t even have S-Video, much less component inputs, which made the decision to go with Toshiba a no-brainer.
Four years ago, my "new" Wega TV was selling for $1100-1300, about $700+ more than what I paid for the Toshiba…but buying it used from someone who upgraded to DLP last weekend, I got this Wega for only $100 (yes, one hundred bucks)…just get it out of his house! Woo-hoo! I got it home, pulled out Video Essentials, and calibrated the picture. The blacks are REALLY black. MNF looked awesome. I turned on the 16×9 Enhancement feature, and A Bug’s Life never looked better.
The thing about the 16×9 Enhancement feature is that this larger screen actually has a little LESS height to a widescreen movie in comparison to the smaller Toshiba…but the visual picture is wider, and rendered exactly the way it was meant to be seen, meaning there is no longer a slight vertical elongation of characters and objects. Considering I sit only 10 feet from the screen, this is perfectly fine for now.
I have been pining for a large plasma or LCD television for a couple of years now…almost pulled the trigger once (ok, it was actually three times). But I look at the following reasons that a used 36" Wega would be a much better use of $100 than buying HDTV right now:
  • The federally mandated HD switch is more than two years away: by then, large HDTVs will drop further in price…especially 1080i sets.
  • Over the next two years, the technology of HDTVs will be increased.
  • Over the next two years, most quality issues of the different types of HDTVs should be resolved.
  • Highly significant upgrade in visual quality TODAY.
  • I didn’t spend two grand…and subsequently losing several teeth from a pregnant woman swinging wildly in a fit of blind rage.

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