Lazy Monday morning

Posted: September 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
Just surfing the web, checking out FatWallet (Labor Day sales suck this year), drinking Starbucks house blend. I rebuilt my MCE machine yesterday…last Wednesday I started defrag around midnight after deleting a bunch of shows (analysis showed 60% fragmentation), but it apparently didn’t have time to finish before my reboot batch file kicked off at 4AM, so the machine was essentially fubar: it wouldn’t boot properly, if at all, and some boots didn’t even get a BIOS screen. So I dropped a clean image from last year, saying goodbye to all the shows I hadn’t watched yet. I made a bunch of tweaks before creating a new image, but realized I forgot some config changes right after creating the new image…d’oh. But it’s back in action, ready for Battlestar Galactica’s season. I’m also really getting into Eureka, I’ve seen four episodes, it’s actually a good series. And I’m intrigued by Heroes, might be a good show, or it might be a total bust.
So Big Ben blew out his appendix, and is out for Thursday night’s NFL season opener. Hines Ward is questionable with a sore hammy. It ain’t must-see TV unless you’re rooting for Miami. To all you TV execs who broke with tradition to nationally televise first-weekend games of BOTH Superbowl teams, this is what we commonly refer to as a "neener-neener"…except for a couple of positions, the ‘hawks are pretty damn healthy down deep and walking in with an upgraded defense (which was darn good last year already), every expert sees them taking the division again while most of them don’t think the Steelers will even make the playoffs, so the ‘hawks will put on a good show…but you didn’t schedule them for any of the four opening weekend evening games. C’mon…Vikings and Redskins on Monday night? With all the implosions the Vikings have gone through barely before the off-season even started? I’m sure you didn’t anticipate the crap-tastic pre-season the Redskins had, but the signs were there before you started scheduling. And the Chargers and Raiders in the Monday night double-header? You knew once Brees went down with a shoulder injury that he would be traded…what did Rivers do to get Monday night for his first game as a starter? And did you even pay any attention to what the Raiders did last year? What, you thought Art Shell could bring them out of the gutter, not having coached in a decade? Who do you think he is, Joe Gibbs? (and I’m sure you remember what happened with the hype and end-result of Gibbs’ return). The Colt and Giants on Sunday night I understand, but you did it only because it would be Manning vs. Manning, not because both are good teams.
Looks like I was right about the Patriots and Deion Branch…he got big contract offers, one of which had two draft picks, but the Patriots didn’t even negotiate with those teams. They just quietly rejected them, now knowing his current market value, and now Deion has filed grievances with the NFL. The least the Pats could have done was work another lousy contract, laden with impossible incentives like they did last time, even if to avoid going to an arbitrar. The surprise to me was that the Seahawks actually did go after him…I only thought it was an enticing opportunity. But I knew they’d have to give up a first-round draft pick. Unless the ‘hawks give up that 32nd pick next year, Branch won’t be coming to Seattle.

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