It’s futbawl time

Posted: September 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
Opening game of the season TONIGHT! w00t. As I pointed out last week, Peter King of Sports Illustrated gave the odds to the Seahawks to win against Detroit. However, this week his prediction is that Detroit will win. I don’t see that happening. In fact, there are a few other games I disagree with him on. I ain’t gonna do points (I’m not that good), but here are the predictions I have for win/loss in Week 1:
  • Miami over Pittsburgh (Batch didn’t have enough reps with the first team)
  • Cincy over KC (Palmer is looking VERY good)
  • Carolina over Atlanta (Smith is gonna do everything he can to get on the field and payback the trash talk)
  • NO over Cleveland (The Browns’ D are gonna be bewildered by Bush)
  • TB over Baltimore (McNair has a similar scheme, but different bodies)
  • Denver over St. Louis (If the Broncs can cut the RB who was originally #1, it must mean something)
  • Seattle over Detroit (The Lions new coach might be good, but beating the NFC Champs in his first game?)
  • Philly over Houston (The beginning of asking what the hell happened in the draft)
  • Buffalo over NE (My upset of the week…Brady lost too many weapons, their K is gone)
  • NY over Tennessee (A starting QB with only two weeks on the team?)
  • GB over Chicago (the players are going to step it up to prove something to Favre)
  • Arizona over SF (Frisco won’t beat them with D…their only hope is offense, and it ain’t there)
  • Dallas over Jacksonville (The ‘boys are just too complete of a team)
  • Indy over NYG (The Colts seldom tank on national television)
  • Minnesota over Washington (based soley on the ‘skin’s pre-season performances)
  • Oakland over SD (Raiders got their asses chewed off after not bothering to show up for last week’s game against the ‘hawks…they’re gonna step it up a bit)

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