Global warming solution?

Posted: September 9, 2006 in Uncategorized
Al Gore’s movie goes into visual detail of the impending loss of our planet. But the solutions proposed starts and ends with YOU, the individual. Yes, if we all partake, we can slow down global warming, but we as individuals cannot reverse or fix it…that’s up to governments and the textiles industries. They are the ones who caused global warming, and they continue to promote global warming with a multitude of harmful products, chemicals and processes…which makes them money. It’s ironic…money makes the world go ’round, but it also is the one thing that is destroying the world.
The real solution? Industrial hemp, also scientifically referred to as Cannabis Sativa.
POT?!? No, not the cannabis that gets you stoned, this stuff will only give you a headache if you smoke it. It’s called cannabis, but it’s not marijuana. Regardless, it’s still illegal in the U.S. because DuPont and the Hearst Corporation lied and said that it IS marijuana back during the Industrial Revolution…for obvious reasons.
Some history:
Did you know that cannabis is NOT native to the Americas? It was likely introduced by Columbus (or whoever TRULY landed first). All seafaring ships carried a large cache of hemp seeds, in case there was no cannabis growing where they landed. It could grow in unforgiving soil, be harvested after just a few months, and be used to repair ship sails, construct rope, thread, clothing, varnish, paint, lamp oil, etc. And hemp seeds also provided protein (more protein than even soybeans, and more easily digested, too). Cannabis seeds were perhaps the most important cargo any ship carried…it was the difference between getting back home or getting stuck.
Did you know that in several U.S. states it was once illegal for farmers NOT to grow cannabis? Before the industrial revolution, and all the wonderful chemicals and pesticides you now take for granted at Macy’s and Safeway, cannabis was the most important ingredient of a crop rotation cycle: it’s resistent to most pests, so today pesticide usage could be vastly reduced; it’s root system enriches the soil, and greatly reduces soil erosion from repeated harvesting and rains; it prevents weeds; and it naturally increases harvest yields. If cannabis were to replace cotton alone, we would reduce pesticide usage by almost 50%.
Did you know that for thousands of years most books and paper were made from cannabis? That ended in the 1930’s when DuPont lobbied to make it illegal. The U.S. government still refuses to confirm nor deny that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, but if it were written on paper we use today, it would have completely turned into dust after the first 150 years…this is primarily because of all the chemicals and bleach required for paper made of wood pulp, so you can also see the environmental benefits because cannabis would require vastly less chemicals that are currently destroying the planet. And get this: one acre of cannabis over 20 years will produce as much paper as the wood pulp produced from four acres of cleared forest.
Did you know that one acre of cannabis can produce 1000 (one thousand) gallons of methanol per harvest? That’s 10 times as much as corn, which is the current crop of choice for methanol and ethanol. When burned, cannabis doesn’t create sulfur dioxide like oil and gasoline does, so say good-bye to acid rain.
Finally, did you know cannabis absorbes carbon dioxide more efficiently than any other plant, and that the by-product (otherwise known as oxygen) is just as efficient? You could argue that if we use cannabis as a fuel, that it produces carbon dioxide, just like gasoline does. However, the carbon dioxide it releases is equal to the amount it absorbs, making it a "closed carbon cycle". Gasoline can’t absorb carbon dioxide, it can only produce it.
If the U.S. government was actually serious about the health of the planet, they would legalize industrial hemp. However, the primary lobbyist that put us in this position in the first place (DuPont) is heavily invested on Capitol Hill…if cannabis was to re-emerge, DuPont and the entire textile and chemical industries would be almost completely put out of business. And for what…saving trees, vastly reducing carbon dioxide production, and greatly reducing our dependency on foreign oil? Those aren’t good enough reasons, because the individuals within the government really like all that money and perks they get from those lobbyists.
The U.S. produces more carbon dioxide than any other country. If we were to blanket the nation with industrial hemp, it would suck out an incredible amount of that carbon dioxide, vastly reduce chemical usage, resulting in reduced (or possibly even reverse) global warming.
But your government won’t touch it with a 40-foot pole. They are perfectly happy to continue lying that industrial hemp is marijuana, and keeping those lobby dollars coming…

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