More iPods! And movies!

Posted: September 12, 2006 in Uncategorized
Apple unveiled several new iPods today…I believe that now brings the total number of iPods released to 327. One is the new iPod Shuffle, which is literally almost as small as Derek Zoolander‘s cell phone…don’t let your infant get a hold of this choking device! Another iPod is an 80G version that will play Pixar movies…for just $13 bucks per movie! I remember thinking that watching movies on my 15" laptop more than three feet from the screen wasn’t satifactory…now I can watch movies on a 3-inch screen! YaY! First film: A Bug’s Life. Yeah, that’ll be appropriate…
So I tanked in my Week 1 football predictions…only 50% correct.  Who knew Oakland, Tampa Bay and Green Bay wouldn’t even show up for their games? After watching Oakland last night, it would seem the Raider’s coach coddled the team instead of reaming them for their pre-season performance against the ‘hawks…that is, if it weren’t for Moss giving some stoned-out interview before the game saying the team were walking around on eggshells and then not explaining what he was talking about…did he mean they were walking around on "Art Shells"? Charlie Batch did exceptionally well, while Bledsoe tanked. It was an ugly win for both the Patriots and the Seahawks, but they were both wins, and now the ‘hawks have the Patriots best receiver on staff…and just as I predicted, they had to give up next year’s Number 32 draft pick to get him.

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